Pompeo throwing huge indoor party

The article quotes the WP which has a pay wall:

Following a sharp spike in coronavirus cases across the country, State Department leadership sent out a notice to employees one week ago recommending that “any non-mission critical events” be changed to “virtual events as opposed to in-person gatherings.” That same week U.S. event planners were told that the guidance did not apply to the upcoming functions they were working on: large indoor holiday parties hosted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife, Susan, on the eighth floor of the State Department, involving hundreds of guests, food, and drinks.

A copy of one invitation, obtained by *The Washington Post,*welcomes guests to a December 15 event titled “Diplomacy at Home for the Holidays” in the Benjamin Franklin Room, the department’s flagship reception space, which features cut-glass chandeliers and towering Corinthian columns. Invitations have already gone out to 900 people, said two U.S. officials familiar with the planning, raising concerns about a potential super-spreader event.

Given the rising surge is this wise?

Given the call for small gatherings from the CDC, is this leadership?

Give me COVID…or give me death cuz this in between crap, is worse than the virus itself.

So does that mean you are for 900 person indoor parties while the cdc tells us to limit family gatherings this year?

I wonder if fox will call out the hypocrisy. They have been doing dozens of segments a day bashing democrat leaders for attending dinners etc. this seems in line with that.

They might, Trumplicans have gone cuckoo over ■■■■■■■ networks like AON or Newsmax.
Fox has a lot of ground to recover to make up for the 4 years of Trump excuses.

Does it? People mostly get called out for their hypocrisy. Newsome (Ca) shuts down restaurants and calls for mandatory masks and he is seen at a restaurant without one.

Has Pompeo ever called for no indoor gatherings? If he has, then he is right to be ridiculed.


Anyone being forced to go against their free will?

If NO…go jump in a lake.

Biden voters had their parties.

We are still a free country.

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Are you sure about that? For the past 10 months rights & freedoms have been severely curtailed all in the name of safety. It has also been my observation that once a government “takes something” it very rarely returns “it” voluntarily.

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I also am questioning this more than ever…I am free…therefore our freedom still stands.

The Trumo administration through the CDC is calling for limiting holiday gatherings. Pompeo is part of the trump administration

Either Pompeo personally called for it or he didnt. Which is it?

Who cares? it takes a special kind of stupid or indifference to plan an indoor party for 900 guests during a pandemic.

I am all for personal choice. Let Newsome go to his french restaurant unmolested, and let people have the freedom to chose if they want to go to a party or not…You know, just like the BLM/Antifa campaign events this past summer.


Next administration should establish a rule that federal government facilities cannot have parties against CDC guidelines.

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anyone that goes to that party is an idiot

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They were totally unconcerned about those “Super spreader Events” weren’t they?!

Totally unconcerned about the stealing burning and beatings as well.


And I wonder how many waiters and other staff will be forced to work. Will they be allowed to wear masks?

The non answer is an answer. Of course Pompeo didn’t personally call for it.

Gov Newsom sure did though. :roll_eyes:

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Also stupid, but then they aren’t the US Sec of State.

Crazy to think a rule like that could be needed.

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