POMPEO on the VIRUS: ‘Disinformation is Dangerous’

Originally published at: POMPEO on the VIRUS: ‘Disinformation is Dangerous’ | Sean Hannity

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo weighed-in on the ongoing Coronavirus crisis Tuesday; saying “disinformation is dangerous” during a global pandemic as the Trump administration works to slow the spread of the disease.

“Every morning I wake up and I read the data set from across the world… We’ve had one of our team members pass away from this, we’ve had 3,000 Americans die. This data set matters. The ability to trust the data is everything,” said Secretary Pompeo.

“This is the reason disinformation is dangerous… I would urge every nation: Do your best to collect the data, do your best to share that information,” he added. “We’re doing that. We’re collecting and sharing.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "Disinformation is dangerous." pic.twitter.com/SEO4qeD47J

— The Hill (@thehill) March 31, 2020

Watch Secretary Pompeo’s comments above.