Pompeo arrives in N.Korea

And he doesn’t sound very optimistic :laughing:.

"PYONGYANG, North Korea — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in North Korea on Friday for a series of talks aimed at persuading the country to give up its nuclear and ballistic missile programs — a mission that in his conversations with at least two outside experts he has said was doomed from the outset.

John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s national security adviser, does not believe that North Korea intends to surrender its nuclear or ballistic missile weapons programs, he has told others.

If failure is inevitable, Mr. Pompeo wants it to come more quickly this time, so the administration can return to its maximum pressure campaign of sanctions and diplomatic isolation of North Korea, he has told advisers.

If the administration decides to return to a campaign of maximum pressure, officials have privately acknowledged, the administration may not again be able to persuade the world that Mr. Kim is out of control and cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons."

All going totally fine.

How many of us were saying just this, about the horrific decision to hold the summit. By legitimizing Kim, and making him appear rational and normal, and lauding praise and adulation upon him for being such a great leader, he has taken the cards off the table that he is a deranged lunatic pointing a gun at the head of us and our allies.

And Kim can point to Libya as proof as to why he should not give up his nuclear arsenal, which could be viewed by his allies like China, and nation’s who would seek to do business with North Korea and who want to stick it to the US, like Russia, reasons to agree with Kim and oppose the US’s return to maximum pressure. Leaving us with even less viable options, and making an actual shooting war more probable.

This is just another example of how dangerous and horrible it is having an unintelligent, intellectually uncurious, reactionary conman who knows nothing about the world, trying to lead the most influential and powerful nation on Earth.

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I’d say, Trump has an even greater opportunity to hammer NK with sanctions because he gave him an honest chance and the whole world witnessed it. If Kim doesn’t want to play, then he and his country can pay and if ya don’t believe me…just watch.

That card was already played, the world went along wit hit. Then Trump hit the breaks.

The capital probably is gone, especially with Trump waging a trade war now.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Negative Nancy has spoken ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

You gave up something for nothing.

And now the Norks are denouncing you for raising human rights issues again. What are the chances you stop criticising them on that front the same way you suspended military exercises?

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Perhaps I am being too pessimistic.

But how do you think that conversation goes? Trump asking the Chinese and EU to help ramp up sanctions while simultaneously ramping up tariffs on goods from the EU and China.

Trump hits the “breaks” at Mara Largo. Just sayin…:sunglasses:

I think the visit to Russia has something to do with this.

:laughing:. Need my coffee.

He’s golfing again today, think it makes 120 or so days since taking office.

Putin has been supporting the Norks for a while now. Same way they do with virtually every US adversary.

I think you’re looking for an intricate plan where instead there is just improv.


That’s what I’m saying and what a “coincidence” then that he scheduled a summit with Putin and Pompeo goes to NK.

All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

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Again, I think you’re looking for a plan where there is none.

I’m resigned to a nuclear N.Korea.

They aren’t giving up their nukes, and you aren’t invading.

That was funny and true.

No result is inevitable. I certainly hope we don’t invade.

You won’t, thankfully.

There’s no good option that I can see. They will proliferate and it’s going to be really ■■■■■■■ hard to stop them.

We’ll see I guess.