Pomerantz Resignation Letter

Not exactly. But the first trial will begin in late August or early September.
Now wither Trump will be convicted is a long shot. If there are discrepancies between tax forms, insurance forms and loan forms, they will have to prove that Trump had knowledge of the errors. The one thing that has been made clear is that Trump did everything by conversation. No notes, memos or email.
So I will bet dollars to dog nuts that Trump will throw anyone under the bus. Even his own kids.
The only way they tie it to him is if a official of the organization testifies that he had direct knowledge of specific events.

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You’ll get the tater this time. I just know it.


Prove it

It is pretty easy to look up the court cases that he has lost. Or the Trump University scam or the crap that went on with his foundation. And the first trial of the Trump Organization will begin this fall.
Like I said, Trump will throw anyone under the bus and won’t take responsibility for any of it. He will always say that he had no knowledge of all of the bad stuff. And to believe that is just silly.

I am looking at what you said. Prove it.

Prove what exactly?

Here we go again and again, and again, Mr. Wazoo


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I certainly appreciate your non-answer. Thanks.

I answered that already. Are you trolling, by the way?

I posted multiple things. And you said “prove it”. I was just asking which one you wanted me to prove.
Or did you mean all of them?

No further comments. Go try someone else.

Well first thing is you have to prove actual errors that are more than just different accounting standards between taxes, loans, and insurance. Then have to PROVE (remember, Trump goes in with a presumtion of innocence) that the discrepencies were at the direction of Trump himself and that he knew about them. An increadible hurdle to overcome without the so called smoking gun. If they had that, he would be charged by now.

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You are correct on many counts that you stated. As far as accounting standards, there is quite a breath of variations that are allowed for property assessment. But from what I have researched it is quite a stretch to increase a property value by more then 25%. And it has been rumored that the Trump organization has valued some properties at 2-3 times their assessed value. On multiple occasions Trump has stated that there is value added to some properties because of his name. And NY State does allow a increase for “name branding”. However from what I have read there must be the proper tax documents filed to do such a thing and the Trump Organization failed to file that paperwork.
I agree that it will be difficult to charge Trump directly. From what I have read he does not use email, or send note or email. Everything is done verbally. So I agree that it will be difficult to prove that he directed any illegal activity. However if the DA;s office gets a high level official to flip it might be a game changer.
It seems that the tactic is to go after Allen Weisselberg since he is the CFO. And if there are discrepancies that can be proven out of bounds it could lead to fines and penalties on the Trump Organization.