POLLS, trustworthy or not?

So how many do you think they should have asked to get an accurate poll of the nation?

Some people in conservative media who literally make a living by peddling misinformation say it.

It must be true.

Polls are generally correct. The main issue with them is that some see narrow advantages one way or another and refuse to acknowledge the ever present margin of error that exists.

Depends, do they have Trump over or under 50% approval today?


Ignorance. The cornerstone of The New Republican Party.

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there were all kinds of numbers being thrown around that night, the point is, POLLS are BS and are not reliable!

I don’t believe any polls from anyone, __it happens as Gump use to say.

i’d like for them to ask everyone and see what kind of numbers they come up with

Yes - until they start spouting that people who do understand probability are “a special kind of stupid”.

They actually have him up one point - 48 today, 47 yesterday. So, unbelievable I’d guess, because it’s still under 50.

I just vote that way because the other party does EVERYTHING God says NOT to do.

Hmmm, I wonder if it was the same 998 or a different lot, ask 1000 ppl from over here and you’ll get a 55% number prolly, LMAO

You support Trump yet invoke god when it comes to voting? Too funny.

It’s true!!! I tend more towards the liberal side, at least on some issues . . . and I ate bacon yesterday!

Possibly. We have some die hard Trumpers here, for sure.

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I ate shellfish.

Sinner! Democrat! But I repeat myself . . .

Really. Once you’ve said Democrat, no need to say anything else bad.

Im the OG of Trump trainers,I was the 1st to say he would win, way before Shaun or anyone else, ask Greta Van Sustern, I was asked if I would still believe in my God if he didn’t win, I said, God don’t lie.

Mmmm Bacon, lets take a poll on who loves bacon