POLLS, trustworthy or not?

I find it very strange when I see a poll say 78% of Americans are for or against something, and then I see that ONLY 1000 people have been asked, very strange that people believe that 1000 people have the pulse of 320 million, News outlets love them, it gives them BS to talk bout as if it was a real thing! IF you believe that 1000 people have the pulse of America, you’re as special kind of stupid!
SO, Trustworthy or Not?

Statistics, yet another thing conservatives seem to be scared of

When I agree with the polls then it’s trustworthy. Otherwise FAKE NEWS! Blarg!!!


LOL funny stuff

It’s not strange at all if you understand statistics, probabilities, & confidence intervals

Do you need to flip a coin 320 million times to confirm that you’re going to get an equal distribution of heads versus tails? A sample size of 1072 (from memory, I also want to say 1036) will produce a confidence interval of 95%. That’s why reputable polls will have a sample size of around 1000, and a correctly designed poll will produce a reasonably accurate reflectikn of the population.

If someone doesnt understand those concepts, then yeah it is easy to sell them a bill of goods about polling.


Polls? try to convince Mr. Trump that, remember Hillary was ahead by 22% in Wisconsin and was going to win? LMAO!

Dunning kruger effect. Google it.

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Statewide polls are not as reliable as national polls. But whoever told you that 22% number has a motivation to get you to not believe in reality, and it seems you’re a willing participant.

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That never happened but I understand that the coverage of what happened might be different in different parts of the world

yep, it was CNN, I turned it from FOX to watch Clinton News Network to see how they were holding up, lmao! great day for America!

I’m gonna give the OP the benefit of the doubt on this one. This kind of thing trips a lot of people up. And if you aren’t aware of how statistics work, this can be confusing. They should def learn up about stats, but we can’t be too hard on them.


The ability to correctly conclude something from a relatively small sample size isn’t the problem with polls.
The problem with polls is that loaded conclusions are drawn from differently loaded questions.

When a report says “x% are for …” that doesn’t mean that the question is “are you for or against…”

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So why does Trump sometimes decide that polls matter and sometimes not? They don’t change their methodologies from day to day.

When a poll makes him look good, he cites it in a tweet. When it doesn’t make him look good, he either says it is fake news or ignores it.

I was wondering if the poll showing 64% believe he committed crimes before becoming president is what set this off today.

what? What does your statement about Fox or CNN have to do with the fact that your 22% number was incorrect?

Most likely. No doubt an angry person on the radio said it.

Well that narrows it down, lol.

What I don’t trust are people who clearly have no understanding of a topic whatsoever, yet speak as if they were experts.

64% of 998 likely voters say it, it must be true, lmao!

So, do you trust Rasmussen’s polls?