Polls Find Evangelicals Stopped Caring About Moral Politicians After Trump’s Election

In 2011 only 30% of evangelicals said that a politician that acted immoral in their personal lives could be expected to act ethically in their professional lives. After Trumps election in 2016, that number changed to 72%.

In 2011, 69% of evangelicals thought that an elected official who does not accurately report their income taxes should resign. 69% thought that a politician that uses their office to enrich their families should resign. 61% thought politicians should be held to a higher moral standard.

These polls are extremely telling, but we see it here everyday.

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Least surprising news of the year.

Headline after Trump

“ Evangelicals find morality in their candidates to be top priority”

Sell outs of the highest order.


What’s an “evangelical”?

In other news, water is wet.

On a more serious note, as an evangelical myself, I can say that no group has disgusted me more than evangelicals with the emergence of Trump and Trumpism.

Almost made me drop the label of evangelical, but I’ve decided someone needs to stay in the group and remind them what the Bible actually says.


They’re taking a break from “morality” for the next 2-6 years.


The last 20 years of pandering to evangelicals have been a complete lie.

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Typically someone who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible.

*40 years

Ah so. Thank you.

I find it interesting anyone would look for morality in a politician.

Yeah, some people think politicians have the ability to change how society behaves.

If you really think about it, the Religious Right has spectacularly failed in the past forty years despite having a lot of political power.

Church attendance is down. Homosexuality is more accepted than it has ever been. Pornography has exploded and is obviously a passion for conservatives’ current favorite politician.


Good post. A lot of people think they can “create” a culture.

Similarly, a lot people voted for Trump because they hate PC culture.

PC culture has only gotten worse in the two years since Trump became president.

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Meh…i knew this back in 2004…morally bankrupt…

How so?

Kate Smith, John Wayne, #Me Too, and many other examples.

Ah, good point.

It’s annoying, but it sure beats the alternative of Fascism, which is the only way to get rid of it.

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Yes social engineering from the left, society is a petri dish sprinkle a little culture here a little there worked out well in most countries a good example was former Yugoslavia.

Quite a few republicans have crowed about it in the past, making it a no brainer to bring up the hypocrisy attacks. It works too, as far as scoring political points in the media goes. Somehow that is supposed to equate to more votes. I suppose it does among the unwashed masses of undecideds.

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