Polling numbers show Democrats not as proud of America

What is the disconnect? I am not asking to throw shade, to criticize? Why is it since at least then turn of the century, Democrats and independents have less pride in America than Republicans.

Being a man that leans libertarian these days. Just what have republicans been so proud of. And what are democrats so ashamed of?

Just asking for a friend…

Looks to me like the downward slope may correlate to the endless war and then plunged with the election of Trump.

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Progressives and the more libertarian minded are more open to teaching their children the good AND the bad regarding our history. Some, particularly those who feel put upon, may have a tendency to concentrate on the negative too much.

Overall I think young people have a more accurate picture of American history than their predecessors were raised with.


Going out on a limb here. Endless useless wars and sociopath in the White House?


How could you not be proud of America when Donald Trump is the Great Leader our amazing country?


It’s not America they’re not proud of, it’s the President.

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Can’t have Globalization with a bunch of Patriots running around, does that answer your question.

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They are Globalists sell outs.

They prefer a Globalist for President!

Is that why libs are tearing down statues?

And please don’t equate libertarian and libs in same breath. One is authoritarian and other isn’t.


Progressives and libertarians are nothing alike except for they both breathe air.

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There is overlap between libertarian philosophy and both conservative and progressive philosophies, regardless of how it might make you feel icky.



Correct. I’d add that conservatives have bought into the concept of American exceptionalism to a degree such that while they can criticize the political opposition endlessly, they cannot view the nation itself objectively. America has simply never done wrong in their eyes, or if it has it is inconsequential compared to the enormous good it has done and besides, other countries are much worse.


One wants big government and lots of changes the other small government and little changes.

If you were comparing classical liberals to libertarians I would agree with you.

But that guy has not been in White House all that time. This also takes into account 8 yrs of Bush and 8 years of Obama.

Again, this is over almost 20 years.

Why should Nathan Bedford Forrest have any statues in his honor?

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I edited my post to add something about useless and endless wars. I think it started with the ridiculous debacle in Iraq, went downhill from there and has culminated with the incredibly nasty person we have in the White House.

Do you hate Trump because he’s not spying on everyone like Hussein Obama did?