Poll: Will North Korea Get Rid Of Their Nukes?

  • Yup
  • Nope
  • Not Sure

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They have no good reason to.

nope, not while this Kim is still very much alive and remembers what happened to Saddam and Qaddafi, and Assad. not while Pakistan and China and Russia are still in their corner.

I am going to rack it up with all of the other promises that Trump will not be able to deliver on.
And it will be funny to see his reaction when the next general election comes around and they are still dragging their feet.

Nah. Their nuke program probably hit a temporary snag, so Kim strokes Trump’s ego to buy some time.

They don’t need nuclear weapons.

By giving up less than a dozen they gain access to over 500 Chinese warheads again.

its not the quantity though, its the fact that these are his and his alone with no one to tell him otherwise

I dunno if the Chinese would risk general nuclear war over NOKO.

I mean hell we’ve got a huge advantage in that regard.

He can get an economic boom, peace treaty, open borders, and a Xi that has to come to his aid, otherwise he will lose face. Trump wants a second term, and so does Jae-In; they are banking on a berlin wall moment for political security. A few dinky nukes is a good exchange for North Koreans flooding over the border and thereby establishing a fifth column in SK.

i completely agree with you on that but right now Kim is getting what he wants from China in return China is getting what they want from the US…

They have to. They were the ones that pressured Kim after the Americans demanded action on their part. Xi’s political opponents will use the opportunity to characterize him as being played by the West and Chinese agreements won’t be worth ■■■■ internationally if they do not respond militarily.

That’s an engagement they would lose. Decisively.

14 Ohio class submarines each with 16 Trident D5s on board is risky to go up against.

The Chinese certainly have the manpower and the willpower for a conventional world war. But can the CPC keep things in line when Beijing, Shanghai, etc. are in ruins.

North Korea is playing everyone, and its not for ships full of grain or to back out at the last minute because nukes makes Kim feel independent.

I think you underestimate the ultranationalism of the Chinese population and the rate at which they are developing their military capabilities.

The ratio of active posters is clear to see. Trolls vs a couple people.vvv

Not at all. I admire and respect the hell out of the Chinese people. The PLA is leaps and bounds over what it was 20 years ago. Their professionalism and willingness for sacrifice is unbelievable.

But in a full scale war the US holds the advantage. ABM systems are not at the point where they could hope to stave off many of the near 1,000 warheads that would rain down on Chinese cities in an exchange.

China would lose. America will not commit to an assault of that magnitude.

Who is trolling?