Poll: Top 2020 Democrats lead Trump and Pence in Ohio

I’m tired of these fake news polls showing our president behind the loser dooser dimocrats … We need more red blooded Americans to come out and support our savior

china is on the way

Ohio is a bit of a surprise, it’s getting as Red as Indiana of late.

Biden holding the biggest lead is a big indication why Trump is so intent on going after him.

Needs more Russia

Hope springs eternal!

(Or is it “Hope for change…” ? )

Or is it Hope Hicks.

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Yes, and more cowbell too.

Who doesn’t love a cowbell?

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Republicans can’t win without Ohio.

Correct, and if, god forbid, Buttigieg gets a Veep nod that means Indiana is in play and NH is lost.

I think he is the secret sauce for the top 3, and I honestly feel Bernie isn’t going to make it because Warren is replacing him with younger voters. To me, its Warren Vs. Biden.

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Yeah. If the Democrat gets Ohio that means they also got Florida, North Carolina, probably Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania…

Ohio polling around the same time in 2016:

Edit: it’s actually not same time; couldn’t find those for 2015 but these are a month before the election

Joe Bye-den really needs to relinquish the “beat him like a drum” line to Lizzie.
It’s more fitting with her Native American theme.

Not really. All of those polls are in the margin of error. Except for the CBS one that was outside the margin of error by .1%. The current ones, including Biden, are outside the margin of error. I’m not calling Ohio right now…but these polls are not “around the same”.

Bye den?

Ugh…go back to the white board.

That’s racist

You know what a white board is right?

Just as easy to say black board

Most people use white boards these days.

So many racists