Poll: Summit Time, Place Your Bets

  • World War III!
  • North Korea gets Guam; Gives Nothing
  • North Korea is the new Canada
  • Kim tries to take Trump hostage, they end up chained together in a hiking filled escape through South Korean backwoods
  • World Peace

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How’s the Summit going to turn out?

Damn the edits. That big one is supposed to read “hijinx” rather than “hiking.”. DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!

Photo op

Nothing changes.


I don’t see anything good coming from it.

Always in favor of trying everything to maintain peaceful coexistence, but the North Koreans do not have a history of trustworthiness and I do not trust Trump and his cohorts to be competent negotiators either. It honestly wouldn’t shock me to see Trump agree to some kind of asinine plan that would totally alienate our long term allies in the region. Anything for a bit of good press and another few days of distraction from all of the scandals surrounding him and his people.

I don’t really like the options in the poll. I hope something good happens. That does not transform trump into a respectable president overnight though. His disgrace is set it stone and history will remind those in the future.

Kim promises something big. Trump crows that it’s a win. Kim goes home and still doesn’t denuclearize.


Kim’s flattery will give Trump a tingle up this leg.

Trump wants a deal. Kim knows this.
Kim wants the end of sanctions.
Kim will promise some stuff to get rid of sanctions.
Trump will cut a deal that will be worse then the Iran deal.
Trump will try to convince us that it was a great deal.
Kim will not keep his promise.
Russia will do their best to cozy up to Kim.
NK will finally learn how to put a nuke on a ICBM.
Cycle starts again.
Film at eleven.

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the talks will begin

democrats will gnash their teeth and complain about everything

the talks will continue

democrats will continue to complain

This is exactly what will happen. Even if Kim promises something small, Trump will run around saying ZOMG its the greatest piece of diplomacy in history and I did all by myself, and then nothing tangible ever actually happens.

I imagined a run through the woods, backpacks, walking sticks, stopping for water…

You guys aren’t thinking outside of the box, anything that benefits Gyna or Mother Russia, this pile of ■■■■ will agree on.

The major winner of the summit will be North and South Korea. These relationship between these two countries has been damaged for decades. I see it moving forward and the border being opened with in the next 2 years.

The people of North Korea have to be exposed to the real world out there and South Korea is where they’ll first discover it. Over time, they will be the ones to overthrow the current regime. It’s going to happen inside/out but this summit will begin this process.

If North Korea opens themselves up for actual inspections, we have a serious deal. If they don’t, it’s all talk. I do think that they’ve made some token gestures so far that should set the ground work for those at the summit to ease economic sanctions in return for some nuclear gains. Keep in mind though…it’s all bull feces if China doesn’t wave their “big stick” in the background.

Boy is that wishful thinking.

I’d settle for Kim not lining up his generals and throwing artillery rounds at them. Or dog executions on close relatives.