Poll: Should the Mueller report be made public?

Of course, if that is NOT the case, then no need to make the report public.

Translation: Since we didn’t get what we wanted, let US scour the testimony and second-guess Mueller in an ongoing effort to sustain this witch hunt.

If fat donald is innocent then you would be ok with Barr making public as well?

Carrying all this water for politicians must be heavy, right?

I agree.

There is much about this report and it’s underlying documentation that will.be classified and should remain so.

This investigation is, in part, a continuation of a counterintelligence operation. Spices and methods of our counterintelligence apparatus will be essential to whatever discovery Mueller did and must be protected.

Public regardless.

This argument does not apply to the President.

If the President is exempt from being indicted, then it follows from your argument that the results of ANY investigation into the President will stifled.

Either the guideline on not discussing unindictable offenses or the guideline on not indicting the President must not apply.

Anything else is an affront.

Does it???

That was the assumption by most trump supporters right after Mueller stated that no more indictments will be filed.

or the starr report in 1998…


Based on the investigation… it’s now up to the AG to bring any more indictments is it not?

It’s amazing that anyone would want to cover up the report.

They must be afraid of what it reveals about Trump.



I voted yes, but I don’t like the question. It should be public without the qualifier.

Already answered in my prior reply:

I think everything that hasn’t been handed off to other agencies should be made public.

Who said Mueller was infallible? Stop making crap up.

What public servants do or what private citizens do in their bid to become public servants is very much the business of the people.


And that is why Rod Rosenstien said James Comey should be fired. Blame the Obama era-FBI and DOJ for the mis-handling of the Clinton case.


Okay. I’ll bite.

Where have I listed two sets of rules??


I’m going by DOJ policy and ABA standards and policy, regarding the release of information from an investigation, of LONG standing - centuries old.

What are you basing your policy on?

Mob rule?