Poll: Should the Mueller report be made public?

No collusion, no indictments for fat donald and his family, which means he’s in the clear. If that is the case, thefull report should be made public. Agree or disagree?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t want to classified information.

Besides that. Make it public.



Same here. There is likely to be classified stuff in there. Other than that, every word should be public. Without that, people will not accept the results.


Here is the possible problem. If Barr is the only one that can redact the report, there is a chance that he could/would redact any and all things negative to Trump. It would seem to me that a combination of Barr and perhaps other DOJ lawyers and a equal number of Democrats and Republicans from the hill would be a honest review.

For me, the most important part is the how and where the Russians tried to manipulate the election. We must be sure that this never happens again.

The only people redacting should be intelligence officials.

Which is fine if they are well versed in FBI methods and techniques.

Right. FBI and CIA personnel.

And perhaps throw in some NSA folks.

Folks Ned to be careful what they ask for. At the heart of this investigation is a counterintelligence operation that began before the special counsel was instantiated and foe which the special counsel is a continuation of.

The essential components of that part of it should likely be protected.

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Only because they are part of the deep state coverup trying to hurt real americans.

Should be up to the justice department and intelligence community. Hard for me to say not knowing whats in the report.

I believe it should be made public. I don’t have a problem with redacting any part which goes directly to our national security, though. Other than that, I see no reason to withold anything else.

From my understanding of what I read, - Barr has said he will consult with both Mueller and Rosenstein. Iirc, that was in his letter to Congress.

I voted yes, however, of course intelligence agencies redact those things that need to be redacted for intelligence reasons only. However, since it only gives one side of the issue, it should be given in conjunction with the lawyers of Trump given in response. Since it is like a grand jury thing all given by the 17 Democratic agents that were given whose original goal was to show Trump was in collusion, like a grand jury with no defense, the Trump defense team response should be given in tandem with the report.

And some DNC folks.

Conclusions should be made public. Anything unrelated to indictments should not.

It is not fair to drag the names of people through the mud whose only crime is some tangential affiliation with affairs that have been investigated and found not to warrant an indictment. That’s our system. We charge people or we protect them from being harrassed if we don’t charge them, by giving them the anonymity and freedom from inuendos and suppositions unproven. We do not put out official rumors and beliefs about things we can’t charge people with. It’s Indict or done.

If someone is indicted then the much-vaunted and supposedly infallable Robert Mueller got his man, after an intense and exhaustive investigation where no stone was unturned and no request or demand was unanswered. GREAT!

But if someone was NOT indicted after that - after ALL THAT, then it’s OVER and it is none of your business. You don’t get to taint people with rumor and inuendo that led to no bill. They have already paid a heavy price for all this nonsense.

There are people who have already lost their homes and college for their kids and much more in lawyering up - all for the “crime” of simply being on the Trump campaign, and nothing more. It’s DONE. He got the guys he could get.

Leave everyone else in peace and alone.


Is that the same standard that was used for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Lol…thats not how this works.love how you have one set of rules for team and then a libary of excuses why it shouldnt be applied to the other team.

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As a disclaimer I will state that I am an Aussie. A further disclaimer is that I neither like nor respect the present holder of the position of President of the USA.

What is an interesting observation given the propensity of the current President of the USA to tweet is the absence of tweets in the last 24-48 hours on this particular subject.

With respect to whether the report should be released, for redacting specific security concerns, in my opinion it should be released in its entirety. Failure to do so will inevitably cause further fracturing on partisan grounds.

I voted that it should be made public, though I would be fine if classified information were redacted.

Hopefully Barr hasn’t sent it through the “Ollie North machine.”