Poll for the unvaccinated (re: FDA approval)

They would (and are) classify them as died of ________ with COVID.

Link to back up that assertion?

I gave it to you all above. And, as I also said, the head of the CDC said so on an NBC (and probably other Networks) Evening News interview. I am the messenger here, not the purveyor of the info.

But you have yet to provide a link tot he information you are sharing.

Sorry, but I don’t maintain the CDC web site.

IOW it’s not there…



A person on this message board makes a claim - in this case “if someone is vaccinated and dies of covid, it’s not counted in the tallies!” I ask for proof of that assertion. And that is amazing?

They go on to make the same claim a number of times without proof, and asking for evidence is the amazing part?


I understand.

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I know. We’ve been over that.

It wasn’t a claim, it was dissemination of information that came from the CDC.

I don’t give a rat’s ass whether you believe it or not. It’s not at all important to the discussion unless you think that the CDC’s policy of counting all deaths of people who were not vaccinated and who had Covid as dying of Covid (regardless of whatever else they may have suffered from) is an accurate way to measure mortality of the disease.

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You have no proof that they did that.

That’s the point.

You are making an assertion that seems to be untrue.

I don’t need proof to relay the information that the CDC told me (and everyone else who was listening or reading.) If you don’t believe it, the need for proof is entirely on you.

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I gave it to you. Quit asking.