Poll for the unvaccinated (re: FDA approval)

Now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, will you get vaccinated?

  • I was hesitant to get vaccinated by an unapproved vaccine, but now that its approved, I’m going to get the shot.
  • I was hesitant to get vaccinated by an unapproved vaccine, but don’t want the Pfizer… I’m holding out for the Moderna/J&J approval.
  • I still don’t trust it and won’t get vaccinated for Covid-19. I’m fine with other vaccines though.
  • I think the vaccine is fine, but I don’t think its worth it.
  • All vaccines are bad.

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Note to mod: I’m fine with combining this with another FDA approval thread, just wanted to get the poll in front of people.

None of the above.


Is your reasoning something I can add to the poll as an option?

Many different factors guide my personal medical decisions, but I suppose it could be summarized as, “I don’t feel like it.” :man_shrugging:


Already got it.


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I guess almost everyone on the board is vaccinated. That’s great news!

I’ve had Covid and maybe had some muscle aches. So I don’t think the vaccine is necessary when weighing the risks. I was still beginning to be persuaded, thinking about getting the shot until a short time ago. I don’t really have any problems with the vaccine, I think it’s a modern miracle, especially for those most at risk.

My employer has hinted at mandating the vaccine due to pressure from the current administration. I’ll probably end up taking it, because like I said, the vaccine itself doesn’t really concern me. But I’m waiting until they threaten my job, then unless I can talk them out of it, I’ll take the vaccine rather than have them fire me. You guys have turned this thing into a matter of principle.


Well that is a very dumb hill to die on.

That’s a dumb statement. I’m good, thanks for your concern. Now go away.


I mean. Not doing something that you have no problem with doing voluntarily because maybe in the future they might make you have to do it and then a fight can be picked about it is a pretty wild way to live but I guess I shouldn’t be the one to yuck someone else’s yum.

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And stepping off of the plane he waved around the FDA approval, and a nice piece of paper it was, and announced health in our time.

There have been no complete trials, long term effects are unknown, they’ve still been given to millions … this approval is merely a byproduct of the camel already having barged its way into the tent. It is not science.


Yeah, because concerning yourself with someone else’s business has gotten you this far, right?


It is less concern and more of bewildered amusement

Since the vaccine does not guarantee I won’t get Covid or pass it on to others, how is it any better than a healthy immune system? I’ll just keep eating real food, sans carbs, and get my daily dose of sunlight, and good sleep.


The vaccine prepares an immune response by instructing your cells to manufacture the spike protein that Covid uses to infect your cells.

Since this is a novel virus, people have not been exposed to it before and this there is no virus like it that your body has come across, so whether or not your immune system will respond well to it is kind of rolling the dice.

Increasing the chances of not being infected via vaccination makes a ton of sense since the cost and the risk to doing so is very very low.

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Bewildered? So BAU for you, huh?

Ha. Pretty funny.