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Election Poll
  • Free and fair elections are essential for the survival of the nation
  • Rigged elections are fine so long as they help my candidate

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Please provide an explanation for your choice.

I picked my selection because this is a comedy and I’m doing my part.


Three excellent choices to vote on

I chose “using unhinged partisans who make baseless claims to try to steal an election and those who mindlessly believe them are a clear and present danger to our democracy”


Free and fair elections are essential to the survival of the United States.

Election fraud that undermines the faith in the fairness of the elections is an existential threat to the republic.

Yes. Of course they do. Trump is doing everything he can to destroy them. At all levels. He wants this election to be decided by his Supreme kangaroo court, not the electorate and the state’s electors.

So who is ruining free and fair elections and our nation’s survival???

I chose rigged elections because of the exercise in absurdity required absurdity in response.

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We already have rigged elections with all the gerrymandered ■■■■■■■■ that exists.

Logically you should welcome a full examination of the facts to show that there was no fraud.

On the other hand, if the mounting evidence is correct and there was massive election rigging, then there needs to be major changes to the voting process to make sure it never happens again.

We spent years investigating baseless allegations of Russian collusion; we can spend a few weeks to make sure that the election system has not been compromised.