Poll: 73% of Republicans blame 'left-wing protesters' for Jan. 6 attack. Wut?

Way to say absolutely nothing, it’s obvious there is absolutely no way to give a straight answer with out either looking like a straight retard or going against the trumpy narrative.

Psst Biden is busy telling everyone white people have rigged the country to favor white people so…

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I said a lot. It just did not fit the narrative. Go interview 100 people today. :blush::rainbow::peanuts:

Wait what narrative? Are you sure you are responding to the right thread/person?

Are you really out here implying learning a political movements actual beliefs from those involved is somehow bad🤣 what are you trying to say with this?

So I guess you subscribe to the wokies/trumpy approved way of listening to 100 people on the TV/radio/internet tell you really need to think and what those evil terrifying political opponents really believe and what you need to think about it. Is that it?

Is there any truth to that? What would Jim crow laws be considered?

Let’s break Jan 6th down as simply as possible.

  1. After months of of trump and co claiming irrefutable evidence that some evil collective undermined our political system corrupting our democracy and was in the process of destroying America.

  2. Trump holds a massive protest to save our democracy and confront those who were in the process of overthrowing American Democracy by corrupting the election results and Trump’s overwhelming victory.

  3. Trump tells the crowd he is going walk with them and they need to peacefully yet firmly confront the evil group at the capital who has commited treason and perpatuated fraud against all of America to save American democracy and freedom from being destroyed.

  4. The treasonous criminal cowards refuse to confront the patriotic citizens or address the evidence confirming the scale and nature of the treason/crimes/fraud/cover up committed and hide in the capital ignoring those who are standing up to prevent the destruction of Americas political system and freedom for potentially generations.

  5. Only two option remain now. Walk away allowing the destruction of American democracy and freedom, making the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in the past to preserve it for us pointless, like sniveling cowards and maybe make a hashtag or tweet

Or stand and up and fight to preserve American democracy

Is this agreeable summary of events? If not what would you change.

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Actually I agree that there are parallels between 1/6 and what has been going on Portland.

I both cases the FBI seems to ignore Antifa violence. In addition, a careful analysis of 1/6 court documents shows that the many of the main instigators are listed as unindicted co-conspirators, which raises serious questions about whether FBI planted informants to incite violence.

If the idea that the FBI would intentionally incite violence to discredit its political opposition sounds far-fetched, try researching COINTELPRO:

What is the COINTEL program? Is it relevant today? - Outside The Beltway - Hannity Community

Calm down

Can you respond to the summary of events? Agree or disagree with them

It doesn’t fit the narrative. I got it!!!

What’s the narrative? Just say what the narrative is you seem confused on something.

I am not confused, believe me. Thank you for asking

Hey you are the jounalist who interview 100 peaceful demonstrators about a mile from the capital. I got the narrative. Let’s discuss. The CRT and 1619 project.

I was at the protest when this went down literally was watching everyone walking in right by were the first barricade was and considered following the group but chickened out. I have a feeling security was potentially lax to give protesters pretty much allowed free reign so they could look like violent ■■■■■■■■■

I talked to at least 100 in attendance they did not need help with this from the fbi to make it in the capital security was not that present and at least half were confident enough to bet their lives on the validity of their claims when I interviewed them. They truly believed an evil organization was about to destroy American democracy.

I agree that is the false narrative proposed by the FBI.

Here is an alternate narrative:

Democrats long recognized that the integrity of the election system is grossly flawed and could be easily exploited by Russia or other bad actors.

A vast alliance united to rig the election through a variety of means. Election integrity questions that Democrats had promoted suddenly became “right-wing conspiracy theories” once they got the desired outcome.

The FBI infiltrated organizations supporting Trump. The FBI plants instigated violence and spread disinformation to discredit Trump and his supporters and serve as a pretext for arrests by Gestapo-style pre-dawn SWAT teams and for holding political prisoners without trial in solitary confinement. The operation was similar to what the FBI did against anti-war groups in the 1960s and 70s.

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You keep talking about this “narrative” but even you have no clue what it really is it seems.

It comes across very incoherent like you may have mixed up threads originally and now for some weird reason just refuse to admit it.

But now because you bothered to double check you realized there is way you can just say a narrative because it would look ridiculous in response to the original post you had mixed up.

If you are on a phone it is an easy mistake to make and no one would care so not sure what you are going for man

All they had to do was let protesters have mostly free reign, they behaved as any patriotic non coward would in response to the beliefs they said the would bet their lives on.

I watched them get through the first baracades and the defense was laughable. I believe someone may have not upped security in hopes it would make trumpys look ridiculous and ostricize them and trump. It doesn’t have to be some giant conspiracy one or two people could have been been responsible for not increasing security and they didn’t think it would get as out of hand as it did.

Also that’s normal, literally anytime someone does a crime cops try to make you an informant. They literally tried to make me one for trespassing in a public park at 8 pm because it was after dark and pulled in to make a ■■■■■■■ uturn

Please provide examples of FBI informants in Antifa.

The FBI and DOJ actions reek of selective prosecution and government efforts to discredit perceived political opponents. Putin would be proud.

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Come on man, your side isn’t special

Fbi will look for informants in knitting clubs it’s what they do. Acting like this makes you special is delusional

Putin commenting on Jan 6th and the Ashli murder.