Poll: 73% of Republicans blame 'left-wing protesters' for Jan. 6 attack. Wut?

Is this real? I’ve never been a big believer in fake polls but I have a hard to accepting Rs are this far gone.

Is this blame Jan 6th on the libs really as widespread as this claims and if so just how is this possible.

Leader of the Rs holds a rally, gathers his supporters tells them their country is being stolen by evil commies pedos who just cheated on the election and sends them to the capital.

And it is the libs fault.

I just want to add this, I go to every political event in DC, check the date. I normally walk but had sprained my toe that day so ubered. I interviewed hundreds of people on both Jan 6th and Nov 13 and the event was 100% trumpys.


This seems like something that the GOP would want investigated


That’s the thing that is making me question this, if they blamed the libs wouldn’t they repeat what they did with Hillary?

Is the poll inaccurate? Are trumpys lying to the pollers or is the entire poll fake?

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Yes, those evil Trump supporters must have dressed in black block to make it appear that BLM/Antifa activists were responsible.

They must have also impersonated Capitol police allowing protestors to enter.

Either that or else much of the so-called “insurrection” is a left-wing conspiracy theory. Of course we know that a left-wing conspiracy theory is an oxymoron since conspiracy theories are by definition only right-wing.


It was Nancy’s fault… We all know that. And who killed the air force vet? Why did they lie about the fire extinguisher attack? Why wouldn’t reps believe that. We saw 3 years of media and DC collusion about phony Russian collusion. Now we see dems at the WH approve Putin’s pipeline… DC is corrupt to the bone.


I was literally in the trumpy mob that marched to the capital. There are hundreds of video’s of this happening.

So you think at some point a bunch of antifa broke into the capital and then let the giant mob of trumpys in? I’m trying to make sense if how this is even supposed to be possible. So are the videos of hundreds of trumpys fighting past barricades deepfakes?

BLM/Antifa activists have learned that carrying a camera allows them to appear as “journalists”, but then they create their own story. One got amazing video of the courageous Capitol police lieutenant’s ambush shooting of unarmed apparent-trespasser Ashli Babbitt.

Babbitt was reportedly a true Q believer, and therefore the normal rules of police arrests are waived. Attempting arrest or even a verbal warning are not required before shooting. Shoot first and ask questions later appears to be the official policy.

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See OP 73 percent of Republicans in this thread believe it. Now multiply…


Your story seems to be changing to much for me to believe you were anywhere never DC. So tell us some more fairy tales.

Ah yes, I’m faking Uber receipts :rofl:

My story has never changed, I talk to people at every political event that happens in DC because I live like 2 min from the white house.

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This seems like something that the GOP would want to be investigated.


Yes, the fire-extinguisher murder turned out to be hoax that should have been apparent within hours of the death of Officer Sicknick. Instead it took months for authorities to admit the officer had died of a stroke. In the meantime they used the death as a pretext to justify pre-dawn arrests by SWAT teams and to hold dozens in solitary confinement without bale.

Even Senator Warren has raised concerns about possible abuse:

How long will it take for the Capitol Police to release the 10,000+ hours of surveillance video?
Why are they keeping the video secret even from defense attorneys?

So then you are for an investigation into Jan 6th?

This stuff should be looked into.

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Oof. I bet living that close is a total PIA. Do you even bother to own a car?

Ya only Republicans believe in conspiracy theories :thinking:

The blue is agree that Russia hacked the physical tallies of the votes in 2016. Why don’t people just admit partisanship doesn’t care what side of the aisle your on, and truth has become “what one is having themselves these days”, quoting a journalist during the Troubles which we are probably not far from.


I for an investigation into the apparent abuse of political prisoners held without trial by the federal government.

I am for an investigation into the Gestapo-style tactics that the FBI uses to arrest people in pre-dawn SWAT-team raids.

I am for public access to the 10,000+ hours of surveillance video from January 6 which remains a state secret.

I am for an investigation into how the FBI is unable to find the mysterious pipe bomber suspect. Are they really that incompetent?

The vast majority of the media seems afraid to confront the FBI, Capitol Police, and other authorities on any of these issues. Instead of speaking truth to power they are busy doxing the powerless:


**[quote=“Supreme_War_Pig, post:14, topic:239353, full:true”]
Oof. I bet living that close is a total PIA. Do you even bother to own a car?

Nope! I made a deal with this electric moped company where I get unlimited use of these in exchange for doing some IT work for them I got an unlimited use pass. These things are everywhere in DC, I’ve even started to use them for Uber eats when bored. Works out great, no gas, parking fees and I cut through almost all the traffic.

On a side note Uber eats in DC pays 40$ an hour. It’s unreal.

Link that poll, please.

Really? There were thousands of people in the mob and you are surprised they are unable to identify someone who dropped a bomb in that mess?

The majority of the people only got caught because they literally bragged about it on the internet or stood around like morons for hours after it happened. If the bomber anouced he was gonna bomb on Twitter I’m pretty sure he would have also been caught

I see you are using the classic tactic of repeating a story that has been debunked several times over and pretending it’s never been talked about before.

Why do people think that tactic works?