Poll: 21% of Republicans disapprove of the GOP's handling of the deficit

People were willing to give him a chance.

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If our debt continues to rise along with interest rates, we are in serious trouble. Too much of our tax revenue will be spent servicing our debt. Hopefully this tax cut will bring businesses back into the US plus generate more investment spending but if not…


You are borrowing a trillion dollars with a booming economy. It already is a failure. How many more trillions do you have to borrow before you admit failure?

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Subjective. Take a history class. Andrew Jackson. Andrew Johnson. There are others.

Horribly hideous.

Give who a chance?

They vote straight ticket Republican and defend them at every turn but are totally not Republicans

And the campaigning back then was far more vile than it is today.

Although we have regressed backward towards those times.

Obama. Everyone knew what they were getting with Trump before he took office.

It’s kind of hard to compare modern presidents with those who people only knew about from their local newspapers.

What’s the alternative?

Starting when?

I’m not sure what you’re saying.

Obama had higher initial approval ratings because people thought he was a good person despite disagreeing with him politically. No one thought Trump was a good person. Everyone knows he’s a divisive ■■■■■■■■

No. They were patting themselves on the back for electing the first black President.


Or honesty. Either works.

For voting.

60-70 percent of Americans didn’t vote for Obama. Trump’s approval ratings were actually below the percentage that voted for him.

So? What’s your point?

Just saying they’re Republicans. Same goes for liberals who claim they aren’t Democrats but vote straight ticket no matter what

Trump is more divisive than Obama by almost every metric. That’s what we were originally arguing about.