Poll: 21% of Republicans disapprove of the GOP's handling of the deficit

Well you could compare their initial approval ratings.

What happens if not? Tax increases or spending cuts?

By then, it might take more than just cuts to things republicans dislike, or more than tax increases on the extremely wealthy. The window for a solution that doesn’t hurt the middle and lower class forgotten men gets smaller every day we hold out in hopes that the most recent tax plan pays for itself.

The most tragic thing of all is that a plan targeted to the middle class wouldn’t have increased the deficit as much and created as big of a problem.

Their silence these days does make one wonder what motivated them back then.

Trump is the most vile person ever elected by a wide margin. So there’s that.

They vote Republican. Do the Democrats have anything similar or is it just tax and spend?

Are you under the impression there is a material difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Today’s conservatives would have hammered Ronald Reagan HARD as a RINO.

They would have PILLORIED him for cutting that deal on Social Security.

Lambasted him for retreating from the ME after Beirut.

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Fiscal responsibility in government. AKA a crack pipe dream.

What does that have to do with the Tea Party being Republicans?

Which would be apropos of absolutely nothing.

I don’t disagree. We’ll see.

Subjective. You might want to take a history class.

They seem to agree with you in 2018, because they are silent as the grave.

Tax cuts have never paid for themselves.


Yet you keep naively hoping that THIS time, it’s going to work.

Tax cut after tax cut serves just one plan…Grover Norquist’s plan to starve government out of existence.


Gun Control

Foreign intervention (which I personally enjoyed tremendously)

I really don’t know but the way we were going was not working. If this doesn’t work, I agree…“we” are in even more trouble.

They are not Republicans, they vote Republican.

Close your wiki

Is there an alternative?

Andrew Jackson was pretty hideous

Publicly vile

Assuming spending continues to increase, you are correct.