Poll: 21% of Republicans disapprove of the GOP's handling of the deficit

Wow. Only 21% of Republicans see a problem with the way the deficit is exploding. What the heck?

Even Independents think it’s a problem. 65% said they disapproved.

My how tea party times they have a changed.

It’s almost as if decades of blatant lying by Fox News, talk radio, and online garbage like Breitbart have turned the American political right into a group almost wholly without any defined principles other than trolling liberals.


This is what happens when you have nothing left to defend.

i’m actually old enough to have witnessed the beginning of the current political atmosphere in our country. i was so naive back then and no one would have convinced me that it would get this bad. a president calling out citizens constantly and not condemning neo-nazis? that’s nuts.

Republicans and Tea Party are not synonyms. 21% sounds a bit high for the Tea Party.

100% of the Tea Party votes Republican.

100% of Republicans are not Tea Party.

Tea Party people are Republican voters. Plain and simple.

Republicans are not Tea Party voters. Plain and simple.

If our debt continues to rise along with interest rates, we are in serious trouble. Too much of our tax revenue will be spent servicing our debt. Hopefully this tax cut will bring businesses back into the US plus generate more investment spending but if not…

The Tea Party isn’t even a real thing. It was just a bunch of talk radio listeners who were angry about Obama getting elected.


It’s real, but it’s not a party. It’s a philosophy.

And how are you different today?

What makes you think that 21% even represents the Tea Party (or the people who used to consider themselves members). Without Obama, the Tea Party lists its reason to exist. I would imagine most former Tea Partiers would consider any criticism of Trump, including his spending policies, as “enemy of the people” talk.

Well Obama wasn’t nearly as divisive as Trump at the beginning of his presidency. And if reliable liberals tried to repackage themselves after 2016, you would be right to call them out for it.

I said 21% is high.

Does it? So you think it was because he is black?

It’s more like those who didn’t vote for Obama didn’t get anywhere near as vile about losing.

Well that’s subjective. You seem to have selective memory.

Oh so they’re Republicans

A philosophy of what?