Political parties, issues, and your vote

Are you a single issue voter?

For example, if you’re gay, traditionally Democrats are more open to gays than are Republicans. Would you vote for a Dem who was positive on gay rights, even if you abhorred everything else he or she stood for? (Alternatively, would you vote for a Republican poor on Gay rights, if you agreed with everything else they did.)

That’s just an example. The same thing would be ‘gun rights’, ‘drilling on public land,’ ‘abortion.’

Also, do you agree with all your party’s platforms, or just with a majority of them, or do you vote one way because so does your spouse and you’d cancel each other out if you voted differently?

If a third party candidate actually had a chance to win…what platforms would you like this Third Party to espouse?

No I am not a single issue voter, I am a registered Democrat who is also pro-2nd and anti-illegal immigration. I definitely do not agree with all of the Democratic platform and a perfect third party for me would be liberal on social issues and pragmatic on fiscal issues.


Registered Dem. Not a single issues voter, although I do of course have my priorities. I agree with most of the dems platform, but not all.

From 2008-2014, I voted Libertarian or GOP. I’ve started voting Democratic since 2016.

There’s not a single issue on the GOP platform that I either care about or agree with. That is to say, there are some things I don’t disagree with, but I just don’t really care about.

I agree with most of the Democratic platform. I’m more of a progressive (I guess? Labels are weird). There are some things I agree with ideologically but maybe not necessarily from a policy implementation standpoint. I’d probably be slightly left of center in most European countries.

I am not a single issue voter. I voted for Obama in 2008 and Johnson in 2012. Didn’t vote in 2016.

However, I will not vote for someone who seems gung ho about war, or someone that doesn’t respect the office.

I would not say I am a single issue voter.

I would say I am pretty close to that. Anti-Second Amendment is a no-go.

This rules out a LOT of current politicians.


As an Australian obviously I can’t vote in your election. However, I can articulate what I look for when choosing who to support in our elections. I believe that a government should help look after those less fortunate in our society. That the government should ensure that each person has access to quality health care and education. That the government should show leadership in protecting the environment by moving away from fossil fuels. That the governments shows compassion and empathy. The party that best represents those ideals in my opinion is the Australian Labor Party.

The one major area that I think the ALP is derelict is in its refugee policies. But it is virtually impossible to have a party that does everything you want; so one has to compromise and find the party of best fit.

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Same feelings I roll with.

I am not normally a single issue voter, however there is one caveat. As long as Donald Trump is in office, I will vote in such a way as to either replace him or neuter him as a president.

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The closest I can come to saying I’m a single-issue voter is that there is not a single issue/position from the Dem party that I can agree with.


My platform (and you’ll see why I’ll never be elected to office, and no one who thinks like me will be either).

1)-- If you are in the country illegally. You can’t work (I don’t care if you were brought here when you were 2). Tell Canada and Mexico we will be marching those crossing illegally back across the boarder, and they can return home and apply to legally come here. Part 2: Have IRS work with immigration. If a SS number is being used in more than one location for a job – it WILL be looked at. Now if you are like I am and get a paycheck from one state, and freelance for a second in another state. Both sets of information match on where paychecks and other official information is sent. If the information goes to two different locations. Immigration shows up to interview BOTH to find out who’s supposed to have the information. Also severe fines for companies that fudge the system and knowingly hire illegals.

2)-- Balanced Budget amendment. Only those things specifically enumerated in the constition (defence for example. Posts and post roads. Courts, weights and measure) are safe from severe budget cuts if needed. See part 3.

3)-- Low taxes. No wealth tax, no exessive taxes. I support a single rate flat tax. one tax payer per tax form and a single deduction per tax form equal to 80% of the federal minimum wage. Earned and unearned income – anyway you can put a dollar in your pocket, that dollar is taxed. inheritance would be considered income. Businesses would pretty much be the same. Single tax rate. anything expense taxed on an individual level is deductable. once that is done, a single 30% deduction. If your like apple and you have foriegn companies that you own, their income is your income regardless of what country it’s in the bank in. Any foriegn taxes are deductible from the bottom line.

4)-- Public lands. Any “wilderness study area” that has been in study mode longer than 10 years is released to regular status. Most federal land (not forrest service, national park, recreation area or that) will be offered for sale. First offered to private US citizen and US based businesses. Deed restricted that it can only be owned by US citizen or US based corporation. That portion of sales will remain open for 5 years (there will be a maximum number of acres a single person or corporation can purchase in each state, and yes minal rights if the feds own it will be transfered with the property). Secound round of sales will be another 5 years. Open to states to purchase federal property – again deed restricted that it can only be owned by US citizens or US corporations. States may not issue bonds to cover the costs – must come out of regular budget. After that 10 year period – any remaining lands that were offered for sale will still be open to puchase (same US resident/business restrictions), and open to multiple use.

5)–Federal concealed carry permit. Federal government will design a concealed carry permit, and instructors (multiple instructors in eveyr state). Lowest cost possible to obtain the permit. States will still have their own permits (if you have one, you essentially qill qualify for a federal one). States are free to not recognize CCP from other states. Federal one will be Valid in every state and territory No exceptions).

6)–(this one would take a constitutional amedment). Campaign finance reform. No candidate for any office (federal/state/local) can accept any monetary or in kind contributions from anything other than a living breathing human US Citizen that lives in the ares (state, district, city – whatever) the politician would represent Each person is limited to the FDIC insured limit per election cycle (currently $250,000. A person could contribute that amount to a candidate for special election, primary, runoff, general election). Any entity (PAC, union, political party, business . . . anything NOT a living human US citizen – can do issue oriented advertising ONLY and can not use the name or likeness of any politician or politican candidate. On the ballot for federal officces – names will be in random order and may not indicate political party affiliation.

Biggest one’s I can think of that I would love to have in a third party platform.

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