Policing in this Country and Guns

I won’t vouch for the source, but I don’t doubt it is true. We’ve been discussing the tricks police use to stop and ID hoping the victim has a warrant so they can escalate.

Look at what they did here.

In their zeal to please their masters, they violated this man’s rights up one side and down the other - in the nation’s capital.

  1. First of all, he has a right to keep and bear arms. He’s 23 years old. Why are they stopping people on the street and asking them if they are conducting a legal activity. And don’t try that “in DC the law is…” The Constitution is the law. If your political subdivision is doing it, it’s in violation of the Constitution.

  2. Gun Recovery Unit. “GRU”. Really? Learn some history and pick a better name. Are they supposed to be randomly accosting citizens and profiling or perhaps going to specific citizens with a court order of due process to remove the guns for some specific cause?

  3. “Shifted the backpack to both shoulders” is “probable cause”? For freakin’ what? Are they kidding? And on an affidavit? That’s the state of policing. “Reasonable suspicion” because he put his other arm through a backpack strap when he saw at least 2 guys in a parked car looking at him at 11:30 at night?

  4. When he wouldn’t plead, they cut him loose. No charges. Think he got an apology? Want to bet? Think this all took place in an hour?

They searched, seized the property of, arrested, handcuffed and jailed a citizen of this country based on on moving his backpack.

What the hell are we allowing in our name?

Truth is, he could have very easily ended up dead.


Terry stops are still a favorite among LEO’s ignorant of the laws they enforce.

Good news is it doesn’t appear they tried the weed angle. It warms my heart to hear a citizen told the cops “I’ve got weed in my backpack” and proudly.


On the federal grounds of DC, cannabis is legalized. To hell with the rest of the nation, but it is nonetheless.


Not that bleak, decriminalized in my state and legal recreationally a short three hour drive away. It is time for the feds to legalize it, or start enforcing it fairly which would mean sending everyone involved in it commercially in states where it is legal going away for a long time.

Legal for them, a civil infraction for you.

No idea how they can even get a conviction on dealing pot today, while they turn a blind eye to much larger commercial operations. Should be tossed as unequal application of the law.

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9th and 10th Amendments still exist.

Keeping and bearing arms has always been legal. Let’s not get distracted by the weed. My mistake for bringing it up.

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“What is your name and badge number?”

“Am I free to go?”

“Am I being detained?”

“What crime am I suspected of committing?”

“Call your supervisor, please.”

“I am under no obligation to answer questions or identify myself if I am not being detained on suspicion of a crime.”

“I will not resist, but I do not consent.”

Live stream, never record to local storage.


I’ve watched a lot of those. Constant abuse.

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Civics Classes would help a ton with this.


I agree. Civics, but mostly government. For everybody. Back to the basics.


You would think we could get more people to agree on this issue. I’m with you guys here.


We should shut down the economy until they agree.

Bad drugs and gangs that comes in through the weak border plays a huge role in ghettos in high crime cities. Gangs still destroy lives and create a low-grade mindset, glorifying gangs.

Politicians in crime cities, who cater to criminals are “gangs” too. They are interested in taking Guns from those who disagree with them politically.

Cops are not the same, from state to state. LAPD used to be like Wash DC cops, Today, “Protect and Serve” isn’t dead yet.

Their acronym is seriously “GRU?”

Either they are ignorant or fanboying. The real GRU were (and probably still are) sociopaths who would pull your fingernails out if you didn’t immediately say yes to their accusations.

If they’re fanboying they’re even worse. GRU and it’s Spetznaz field units are military, not police.

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Unfortunately, our police are military now.


I learn an awful lot when discussions like this are posted here. I’ve had to reexamine every preconception.