Police Officers Murdered In Cold Blood

Today I woke up to an alert on my phone- it read something to the effect of “Two officers shot by suspect David Ware who is armed and dangerous, call 911 if seen.” Okay, so considering the stigma with the police, after the murder of George Floyd, this message wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary.

But then I came across this article

It goes into detail regarding how the situation escalated, and if you really think about it, the guy must really know how to use a firearm if he killed to police and got away. The article is even more chilling:

Officer Aurash Zarkeshan pulled David Anthony Ware over after seeing his car with a paper tag that had expired, according to court documents. Tulsa Police Sergeant Craig Johnson stopped to back Zarkeshan up.
Zarkeshan told Ware to get out of the car because it was going to be towed, but police say Ware refused.
Police say Johnson tried to use his taser before Ware grabbed it and Johnson pepper-sprayed him while trying to get him out of the car.
Ware then reached under his seat for a gun and fired three times at the two officers, according to the affidavit.
Johnson was shot in his head and body.
Zarkeshan was shot in his head, upper body, and lower body.
Documents say Ware stood over Johnson after he’d been hit and shot him three more times.
Both officers were taken to the hospital where they are in critical condition.
Police searched for several hours before finding David Anthony Ware who they say shot the officers and ran away.
Officers found him at a home near 31st and Garnett.

One officer is suspected of having TBI and severe neurological difficulties for the rest of his life. The other officer died.

Really makes one think twice about the need for police officers? Either that, or keep a firearm on you.


i like the firearm idea

Be armed, be aware. Mind your business, protect your own.

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Paper tag expired, so we’re going to tow your car, leave you standing on the side of the road and run up $500 in money you don’t have.

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Terrible, terrible story.

But being armed didn’t help the police.

I wonder how that murderer got his gun. Situation smacks of mental illness.

RIP…so sad…

Who did it help?

No one.

Not a single person.

That ■■■■■■■ killer having a gun did nothing good for anyone.

He didn’t get his car towed.

Well I guess he did, the dumbass ran away on foot.

Never mind.

it is possible that mentally ill people get guns

thats another good reason to arm yourself

If I can legally carry I am armed wherever I go.

Democrats are going to soon learn a very hard lesson.

If you don’t like it change the law.

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In this day and age you’re not going to stop anyone from getting a gun that wants one badly enough.

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There’s 300 million firearms in circulation just in the United States alone. Add in the rest of the world and you’ve easily doubled it. Hell there’s 100 million AK’s in circulation and that’s just one type of rifle.

Any lib who claims that our issues can be solved by “restricting” firearm access is living in a dream world. It’s not the tool, it’s the people.


Add to that machine shops and 3 D Printers.

Going to go after ammunition?

Think of preppers who have billions of rounds of ammo in storage and people like myself who routinely keep enough reloading components on hand to fabricate thousands of rounds at any given time of more than a dozen calibers.

especially if one is involved with gangs, criminals, ghetto hood, drugs…anything Lightfoot loves

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Ware then reached under his seat for a gun and fired three times at the two officers, according to the affidavit.
Johnson was shot in his head and body.
Zarkeshan was shot in his head, upper body, and lower body.

This doesn’t add up?

Now…send him to court…get convicted…and put this turd to death…publicly broadcasted…and let’s deter this from repeating itself?

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We should allow unregistered and uninsured motor vehicles to stay on the road? Granted, I do believe parking the car should be enough and a person should be allowed to avoid towing fees. Just the same, avoiding towing fees is no reason to shoot cops.

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Yeah…yeah…it’s a justified shoot…amirite? :sunglasses:

One thing the article did not mention was that the suspect said multiple times: “you are violating my rights!” And that after he shot them the first time , he stood over them and shot them while they were laying in the ground.

Police need to be prepared that every single person they pull over could be this guy.

Doesn’t make me question the need for police officers, but maybe it makes me reevaluate what we are asking police officers to do.

Was it necessary for them to stop this individual at 3:30am for an expired tag? Probably not. Perhaps that responsibility isn’t needed from our police force. Perhaps reform is in order.

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