Police needs to stand down in all major democrat strongholds

Give those cities what they want…and stand down.

Do exact opposite of what they want…they want you to go in and crack some heads so they can all go see.

Stand down cops…in fact stay home with your families, call in sick but stay home.

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And the Trump will send in the military and start murdering everyone. Yay state rights!

Everything is about Trump…Trump this Trump that.

Libs have lost the larger picture with their hatred…hatred towards a man that beat their queen.

Sad really.


ANTIFA thugs are looking to overthrow Trump by targeting the poorest neighborhoods. LIB media is playing right into their hands, useful idiots that they are. Also notice escalating sophisticated attacks on the WH by these ANTIFA thugs.

Naturally, DEMs are clueless. They still pretend these are peaceful protests and that it is all about George Floyd, when it really has nothing to do with him. It is simply another opportunity for these thugs to flex their muscles. This is a preview of what kind of lawless enforcement actions we will see from these thugs on a regular basis if LIBs ever get back in power.

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Oh…they will punish Trump supports that’s a given.

On side note…those libs with the means are going to move out in burbs and infect those areas with their poison.

I may have to rethink this now.


He’s the freakin’ president and HE injected himself into this by threatening to send troops in if states can’t handle the situation even if they don’t request it. What you propose in the OP is definitely the situation that would trigger that.

And all you state’s rights folks should be up in arms about this.

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Folks keep blaming ANTIFA for this yet there’s no evidence of their involvement.

It’s not all about Floyd… that was the catalyst for this current reaction, but its about the ongoing issue with disproportionate abuse of black people at the hands of law enforcement.

I’m thinking everyone should stand down…

Just make it clear anyone is shot while defending their property will not be charged.


There are already liberals living in the suburbs.

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I think that is a terrific idea. We could call it sanctuary cities for rioters.

They don’t need anymore.


At least if the cops stand down only property and not people will be getting damaged… that is until either it peters out or Trump shoots everyone.

Need what?

You think so?

How soon will mass killing starts?

Yeah…not true. Rioters are hurting people, not just property.

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Up to Trump, apparently.

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So Trump on brain all the time…got it.

Only in self defense. Like the dude with the crossbow or the right-wing catholic MLP fanfic writer with a sword.