Police Murdering Blacks, can we put this to rest now?

A man who is breathing and speaking hasn’t been strangled.

A completely fabricated “opinion” based on nothing but prejudice.

Based on they were seen dropping things next to the body before anyone arrived.

Rotten cops are the exception not the rule.

This should really help with the black vote in 2020.


What about the good cops that let them slide?

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A man who is dead with witnessed strangulation just possibly might have been strangled.

Of course I am betting you are of the demographic set that wouldn’t think so.

In exactly how many instances?

what was dropped was the taser the guy had grabbed from him.

He died of a heart attack because he was too fat for the struggle he caused.

He was a walking wreck on the verge of a heart attack or stroke even at rest.

If you can talk you can breath nd thus your airway is not obstructed much less closed. Basic patient assessment 101.

But supposedly “good cops” protecting “rotten cops” is also the rule.


There it is!

He killed himself!

Reminds me soewhat of that nasty joke I heard in the local American Legion as a kid in the Sun Down town I lived in.
It was about the southern sheriff who brought the body of a black man to the coroners office.
After the exam the sheriff asked the coroner, “Well?”
The coroner looks at his report then goes on, “Shot 3 times in the back. Throat slit. Hung at some point. He was also apparently run over, twice.” Sheriff says “Go on.” So the coroner continues, “Ayup sheriff, worst case of suicide I ever saw!”
That was when all the barflies would guffaw and slap their knees at the good jape.


I have no idea what you’re talking about since you didn’t show which post on mine you’re quoting. :grin:

In your opinion.

No. It is a proven fact. Just ask any IAD Officer.

wait are you blaming him for his own death?

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You very much can talk when being strangled, you don’t even need to block the windpipe

Nope. Your opinion.

all law enforcement should have civil oversight.

oversight should NEVER be done by the people being reviewed / regulated that is how you get corruption.

This brings to question training. I had the pleasure of interviewing combat veterans (infantry) from both WWII and Vietnam; who had lots of experience under fire.

Anecdotally and completely unofficially, I got the impression these veterans of much combat had a heightened sense of threat assessment and restraint. Less anxious, if you will. One even said, after a year in combat, his pulse rate barely fluctuated; breathing remained steady when fired upon.

Since then I have often wondered how experienced combat veterans might respond to the threats police receive that sometimes go awry.

This is pure speculation with no real proposal. Just a question.

His lifestyle and choice resist his own arrest were the instruments of his death.

Who was convicted of his murder?