Police investigating possible terrorist training camp in the U.S

in the little city of Spokene, Washington police on edge as they learn domestic terrorist group “The Base” is planning a terrorist training camp in their area.

The Base is a alt-right neo-nazi group online, but now they are gathering what makes a terrorist group is what they share and forces on.

The Base is a secretive network of neo-Nazis that emerged online last summer with the explicit goal of plotting and training for terrorist attacks. It is said to share members and ideology with the Atomwaffen Division, another terrorist group that has been linked with killings and has recruited members of the U.S. military.

Vice News, which gained access to one of the group’s online chat rooms, reported in November that The Base maintains “a trove of manuals with instructions on lone wolf terror tactics, gunsmithing, data mining, interrogation tactics, counter-surveillance techniques, bomb making, chemical weapons creation and guerrilla warfare.”


Is this that “tens of thousands” group membership you were preoccupied with last week?

“The police are on edge” lol lol lol

Where did you get that from?

“Police Sgt. Terry Preuninger said that if the event does happen, it likely would attract a small number of extremists.”

You have a vivid imagination.

a small number of people who in their spare time share how to make bombs, plan mass shootings, etc.

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how about this headline.

“Group of Muslim extremist meet for a camping trip to share how to make bombs. plot terrorist attacks”


Good to see that local and federal officials are on to this even though there isn’t much evidence provided. Its good to be careful just in case.

Eugene Antifa? What’s up with that?

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You know this how? Been to a meeting?
You have evidence they are planning mass shootings?

Again, what in the article caused you surmise the police are on edge?

You can read their chat logs they openly plan/fantasy about terrorist attack and share how to make bombs, IEDs, etc.

Look at all the fake details added to the post.
Police are on edge
They are planning mass shootings.

What’s up with that?

If they had done something illegal they surely wouldn’t be holding their gathering.

Can you show some of their openly discussed plans for this upcoming terrorist attack?

There are no openly posted plans of theirs for a terrorist attack. Geeze calm down

The “little city” has a population of 506k just in the city. Your claims are either exaggerated for drama purpose or downplayed for the same. Not too consistent. In your movie or novel, it’s important to get things accurate.

I’m sorry if a bunch of people fantasying and glorifying mass murder, at the same time as sharing tip on how to make IEDs and to combat the “Government” to install a white utopia sounds like a bunch of wannabe terrorists.

like I said replace white supremacy with radical Islam.

They are not Muslim so its all good gotta let boys to boys.

You said you could read their open posts planning a terrorist attack. You can see this but the police can’t? You need to call that police department pronto and tell them what you discovered. You don’t want blood on your hands.

they are planning on how to create a white ethnic state in the northeast, and they don’t plan on doing it by electing people.

Call and let the police know the solid facts you have uncovered. Heck maybe you somehow infiltrated their group and know more than you are letting on. Anything is possible. Act now

They have lived up there since I was a little kid. That’s over 50 years that I have known about them. Pretty sure the cops know all about them.

You’d be islamophobic for saying they’re terrorists.

In that case it’s time to ban all Muslims.

Then we have this

The rumors surfaced last weekend when Eugene Antifa, a group of anonymous left-wing activists in Eugene, Oregon, posted on Twitter that members of The Base “are flying in from around the country to Spokane” to hold the event.

This is where this information started…Antifa. Notice how the article refers to this hateful group…“left-wing activists”? If there is any hate…I want it stopped but this is propaganda, that’s perpetuating hate…and it’s their own.