Police in NJ Assualt Beach Goer

20 year old girl was assaulted by NJ police. They gave her a breath test for consuming alcohol but she came back clean. So they tried to get her last name but she attempted to walk away. So the policeman told her he was going to have to “drop” her. Her 18 month child witnessed this and can be heard crying. These police officers should be jailed. If you are in law enforcement, how can you justify this event. This is an outrage

Yup she was uncooperative, (disordely conduct), cursing the cop, trying to get away and ultimately she shoved the cop. That’s when it became physical.

I am VERY familiar with that beach town. Police there patrol very actively against public consumption and underaged drinking.

According to one article I read there were both empty and full bottles of Twisted Tea within arms reach of her beach blanket. Had she been cooperative, the cops would have made her pour out the remaining full ones and that would have been the end of it.

Yet another video where the full video exonerates the cops which is why cops love bodycams and most of those who used to call for them now don’t want them anymore.

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I’m sorry but when the other video showing the cop punching her on the head three times, it’s gone to far.

Their was no justification for that.

Exonerate them from what? Are we no longer living in the land of the free? They did not catch her doing anything illegal. We still have freedom of speech. If the officers don’t like her speech they should get another line of work. It is reprehensible that they would throw around a 100 pound girl like a rag doll. They only did it because they thought they could get away with it. Do you think those idiots would have tried that with the governors daughter or the mayor’s daughter? I don’t think they would have done that with a minority girl in a minority neighborhood. They are bullies who thought they had a right to intimidate people if the people don’t bow to their every whim.

(Wildwood cops don’t batons, but . . .) Once shs shoved the cop he would have been within his rights to club her into submission, or taze her, or pepper spray her etc… Same deal when she kicked the cop, and again when she tried to spit on one of them.

What do you think would happen to you or I if one of us were to shove a cop, then resist arrest.

I know the town well and the cops absolutely will not allow alcohol on the beach. All they wanted was to have her dump the booze and to give her a ticket.

She played it wrong beginning to end.

Please name a single state where possession of alcohol by someone under 21 is legal. The cops clearly had every intention of merely issuing her a citation for this ILLEGAL offense and she refused to give a name. Aka she felt entitled and above the law. She then escalated it by committing a battery against an officer.

I know it must really hurt and burn to have fallen victim like so many to a brief snippet of a video and then realize you look stupid once the whole video is out. But its better to admit your wrong then doubling down like you just did.

Yup. Mouthy little brat.

Not at all. Either you believe in liberty, or you dont. A punk with a badge and a gun is still a punk. Hurray for the officer. He instigated the whole issue, and then gets to claim his superiority because he is an officer.

Have we learned nothing of the Eric Garner incident? A man lost his life over selling individual cigarettes. Politicians make stupid laws. Then they higher stupid people to enforce the stupid laws they created. They they compound their travesty by blaming the people for standing up against their stupid laws.

Instead of diffusing the situation, this guy escalated it. A riot could have broken out over that scene.

Since you are so “law an order”, I bet you think this one was appropriate too: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/01/05/black-teenager-who-was-slammed-to-the-ground-at-texas-pool-party-sues-ex-cop-city-for-5m/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.41fa3f8c5aeb

Hahahahahaha!!! That mouthy little girl got sat down. BOO HOO. Yes, I know that she was 14 or 15.

I was 12 when it happened to me. I was actually thrown and not forcibly sat onto concrete and gravel not some cushy manicured lawn. Then, when I got home, I got my butt busted for the police having to come into contact with me.

At least you know admitted you were wrong when you first claimed she did nothing illegal. Whether you believe its a dumb law or not it is a law and one which society at large expects cops to enforce.

And you cant desescalate someone who doesn’t want to be deescalated. The cop clearly only wanted to handle this as quickly as easily as possible which meant a simple ticket or maybe even just pouring it out. Last thing a cop wants to do is get attacked and waste time on a lengthy report for such over a stupid alcohol violation. But the girl kept escalating it by refusing to give her name and then trying to walk away.

Thankfully the girl is white or you would probably be screaming racism.

now I hate the lack of an edit funtion.

I too hate the lack of the edit feature. On that we agree.

On the “Possession” issue I am not sure. From what I have heard, the un-open container was not on her person. As i understand it, and I could be wrong, the Alcohol was on the ground near the blanket she was sitting on. Once she took the breath test, and had no alcohol on it, the alcohol at most should have been confiscated.

If parents take a cooler to a beach, and there are beers in it, is it unreasonable to think they may leave the immediate area of their blanket to enter the water or something? Should their children that happen to be sitting on their blanket be subject to arrest if their parents are not there with their beer?

I really dont like living in a police state but it looks like that is the direction we are heading. Let’s give the local municipalities tanks just in case some one is in their home and refuses to come out.

Wildwood NJ absolutely has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol on the beach. Ditto with public consumption, underage drinking etc…

It is a really fun town (amusement parks on a GREAT boardwalk) And really affordable by area standards. It attracts a LOT of younger people and absolutely positively does not want to become some sort of Spring Break or Mardi Gras type destination.

If you are caught with alcohol on the beach the cops will dump it out and write you a ticket. If you refuse to comply they will taje you in.

If you shove, kick and or spit-on a cop (the perp did all three) the cops will not be gentle, not in Wildwood and not anywhere else.

Nobody wants to live in, nor visit a town where mouthy kids are allowed to assault the police physically.

“Greetings from Wildwood the town where mouthy punks are allowed to assault cops” does not attract tourists.

If you don’t like laws like minors not being able to possess / consume alcohol or not being able to sell single cigarettes outside a store selling cigarettes legally the place to argue those laws is in the courts and with your elected officials, not with the cops tasked to enforce said laws. If you argue that its okay to violently resist enforcement of such laws then what is to keep people from violently resisting other laws they disagree with like speeding, seat belt use, etc.

She 1. Resisted arrest 2. Tried to flee and 3. Assaulted A police officer.

She pushed him. He did not assault her. He used proper force to subdue a woman who attacked him.