Police fun facts. Enjoy!

That’s illegal. That’s when you lawyer up. Name and shame, write the papers and get the bad cop fired.

Every single contact in the absence of them actually witnessing a crime. Every “hands out pockets”, every “sit on the curb”, every “you’re interfering with my investigation”.

I have. Several times.

“The goat guy with the guns” is not to be trifled with in this county. :sunglasses:

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What did his supervisor say when you asked him why he was handling his pistil during a traffic stop? You should ask him as well so it is recorded on body cam. Also, put you cell phone on record and set it in your lap.

I know why he did it.

The hard target philosophy.

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Clue me in. I had a serious angry exchange with a cop. He threatened to have me restrained, but went nowhere near is pistol. Again, you ask for his supervisor and let him explain. Then you file an official complaint that goes into the officers record.

There are some bad cops out there that need weeding out no doubt.

However there is little alternative. I sure don’t want the gang bangers running everything.

There has to be some sort of real law. Just try to weed the bad ones out.

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I’d prefer less laws that can be violated. Less need for law enforcement that way.

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Which is why it would be great if cops turned them on when interacting with the public.

I’m tired of reading “the officer’s body cam was turned off.”

I am too. I would fine them 500 bucks every time this happens. It’s inexcusable. And fixable.

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I used to live in small tourist town where everyone knew everyone, and the only year round jobs were construction, bars and cops.

God, they were all a bunch of ■■■■■■■■■ Just big bullies who loved to shout and scream. And if you got on their ad side, they would just break balls year round. But technically, you know…well, they never shot anyone. Never choked anyone to death. So, I guess you would call them ‘good cops’. But all they were dealing with mostly were drunk tourists…

There is a great deal of truth to this simple idea.

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Still? Even with body cams? If that’s the case you don’t have a policing problem you have a government problem.

In the mean time, anti cop nit wits are demanding protection for themselves but not for the poor. There is no end to the hypocrisy of these fools.

Bowman Requested Police Protection at Home While Defunding Police (breitbart.com)

I lived in/near a small town for 40 years and we had no serious problems with the police.

He had his hand on it when he walked up to you.

He did not. He was talking alone with the girl who’s car ran off the road and hit mine. After they reached their agreement, he walked over to me. No movement at all towards his firearm. Zippo.

Of course he did.

Right. Cuz nothing matters more than the assumption of somebody who wasn’t there. You have never called me a liar before. But this is close. And not warranted.

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