Police fun facts. Enjoy!

I betcha didn’t know this:

Over 99% of police officers never engage in abuse of force and nearly 97 percent of cops turn out to be good cops. Can your profession match this record? Answer. Nope, it cannot.

You can’t get much closer to perfect than this.

The Facts About Police; How Many Cops Are Good? How Many Are Bad? | NewsRadio WIOD (iheart.com)

Verbal threats are usually effective enough to coerce the average citizen into compliance.

Are there a lot of unjustified verbal threats? How often does this happen? With more than 3 percent of police?

Yes, but mostly at the first hint of disagreement with the badge’s opinion on the matter.

A lot, especially after the first hint of disagreement with the badge’s opinion on the matter.

Most likely. The “3 percent” are merely the ones who get caught. Icebergs, etc…


And no doubt some of the three percent were accused unjustly? Right? Maybe the actual is only two percent?

Assumptions are worthless. Data is evidence. Our feelings regarding what we think might be happening are worth diddly.

Body cams don’t lie.

Or maybe it’s 40% and search engines are an appeal to authority fallacy. :man_shrugging:

Another assumption.

What does you research show? What source did you use?

Body cam footage is also pretty reliable.

Agreed. There’s video after video in every corner of the country (rural and metro), of police misconduct on body cam. Verbal threats and inflated egos abound.

Audit the Audit is my favorite channel on the matter. It critiques both the authoritarians and the civilians in their mutual encounters.

Much like assuming a link is telling the truth. Logical fallacy.

There were over a million police interactions today. What’s your top three?

Again? What does your research say? Do you want me to find another link for you?

My research tells me that people who think they’re in the know because they read someone else’s books or internet links are usually the ones with the least amount of real world experience.

So what you’re saying is. You don’t know? You would rather complain about someone else’s work than to do your own? The truth is out there. Go get it.

I do, because I have real world experience. :man_shrugging:

You do not. You know of experiences you had years ago. Things are not as they were. I have dealt with bad cops too.

I do.

And months ago. And days ago. But, it’s not like you have a clue what I’ve experienced. There’s no link that can tell you. :wink:

What did the body cam show?

Usually a cop making verbal threats in a bid for compliance.

Hand on the butt of the pistol.