Poetic justice or was he set up?

Used to be…now it is politics biased.

Yea ok…lol. 40 guys playing dress up thinking Trump would bail them out…Then reality bit them in the ass. More Con victimhood…

Tacit admission. More like the Auntie Fah vandals and big city felony level shoplifters that are not getting prosecuted. It is more omission than commission.

Not that I give a crap the guy is dead, the world is better for it, but I don’t think anyone should get beat to death in prison.


cowboys for trump leader turning on trump.

We thought hillary was gonna be locked up and it turned out to be us.

Quite a comedown.


Agreed. No matter how awful a person might be, our corrections institutes have a duty to keep people alive while acting as their caretakers.

And they are failing.

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Child molesters are usually separated into different blocks for their safety. They are is a hierarchy in the prison systems and they are at the bottom.

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I really pity the sister in this story.

Molested by a serial kiddie porn patronizer and molester. (Can’t find anything about how the guy selected his victims, but he did claim that at least one of them was an accomplice to other crimes he was charged with.)

Brother in jail for stabbing someone and stealing a police cruiser.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that her parents are divorced.

Poor kid seems to be surrounded by the underbelly of society. Doesn’t bode well for her future.

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Yepp. Child Molesters on bottom, ex law enforcement right above them, child abusers (the people just generally beat kids half to death) above that, so on and so forth.

To be one of the bottom three is basically a death sentence.

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This is a bit like the shooting on the set of Rust: Everyone involved screwed up royally. And where is the sense in putting a car thief (even one who struck an officer in the commission of his crime) in the same level security prison as a child rapist?

Guards failed in the screening process. Goldsby failed to report there was a tie between him & Munger.

It’s all around a total ■■■■■■■■■■■ in which a car thief will probably be getting a much longer sentence.

He stole a police cruiser after he stabbed someone.

I’m not disagreeing with you that the whole thing was messed up. (In fact, dot-connecting makes it easy to conclude that putting the two together was deliberate, and not a mere mistake.)

I just don’t want to diminish the brother to a mere car thief.