Poetic justice or was he set up?

Not sure if this is political in nature or thread will become political so I’ll post this in politics and mods can move it later.

Washington state prisoner Shane Goldsby had various altercations with correctional officers so he was moved to another cell. His new cell mate, Robert Munger just happens to be sexual pervert that raped his little sister who is still a minor today.

Was he, Goldsby set up? Did Munger deserves to be beaten to death and had his head bash in? Did guards planned this out and by doing so killed two birds with one stone?

Be interesting in hearing some thoughts on this.

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Did the guards set him up? Probably
Did he deserve it? Yes
Can’t say I wouldn’t have beat him to death myself if my sister.


isnt it ironic that real justice only exists at the hands of prisoners?


The probability of this just happening out of happenstance says…the “prison system” planned this. Goldsby had run ins with the guards and so the guards said, take this Goldsby…knowing what would happen and as you said in the OP Conan, they killed two birds with one stone.

This seems like the plot of a Law and Order episode where the guards get charged with murder for putting the two prisoners together.

I have read where cops and child molesters have a short life span in prison. So in some states they are placed in solitary confinement. If it is really true that they didn’t have the information of the connection, then that is a problem. And if it is true that this 70 year old guy was trying to rub it in about what he did to the guy’s sister, he had it coming to him.


I support the outcome. The guy who got revenge will get out before 25 years. It’s justice.

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When there aren’t enough prison cells to house both criminals and political dissidents, and the option of releasing actual criminals back into the community early to make beds available for uppity conservatives doesn’t appeal…

Val Kilmer agrees.


Yea those 40 that are locked up are really putting a strain on the system.

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…yet charged rapists and murderers are released on bail while these who never even fired a shot are still in jail. You see anything wrong here in our “system”?

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Happens all the time…

Agreed and I despise this two-tier system based on politics and not actual justice for all.

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They are not in the federal system. You are confusing state cash bail laws with federal pre trial rules.

Bingo. Two different systems.

If you commit a state crime in Jersey. Most likely you will be out on the streets very quickly.

Commit a federal crime and it will be tougher.


…and both are under the same Constitution yet, there’s a two-tier system based on politics.

What political positions do rapists and murderers hold?

Based on politics? Its more based on $$

Time for him to turn model prisoner and help tutor others and be that perfect inmate that we know he can be. Maybe less than 5 actual years served in addition.