Please help me understand

I usually spot faux news when i see it. And, i employ critical thinking. I like the truth, reality, and living in the here and now.

Joe is simply trapped and has no way out on this one.

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I am asking the questions, Bro. Trying to understand what is going on. I would like this thread to be a little different. Actually, i did not see the one you are aluding to. I looked but did not see it on the topic list.

Trump is Putin’s Puppet but somehow he’s also arming their number one regional enemy with lethal aid. Quite the dichotomy ain’t it.

Joe may has stepped on his you know what.

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Their arguements make as much sense on Biden Gaffs. I totally agree with you Wildrose.

Yep, mostly his tongue and boobs.

Here we go again. Yellow journalism

Based on nothing but “unnamed sources”.

What are you babbling about? Journalism has long relied on unnamed sources. Sorta like when, days before the election, Baier’s unnamed sources said Hillary was about to be indicted and that her servers had been hacked. And then he had to walk it back. But the damage was done.

Mr Party Free, my Malinois will not even take a dump on the paper of record you cited. My Malinois is a very smart K-9.

I didn’t cite a paper.

I cited thread discussing the topic you’re asking about.

First the unnamed sources must be truthful. And the media must vet their sources. Why do you think all the yellow journalism gaffs are being exposed?

Where is the fake thread?

How about the above.

Ok, who leaked the contents of a Whistleblower Complaint to the news media? Where is the insider info coming from? Why is Ukraine pushing back on the story? What is up with Joe and Hunter? This Ukraine pushback is the new story.

Read the thread.

Babbling? The basic tenants of journalism are the you verify a story through at least 2 independent sources other than your primary source which wouldn’t even be possible in this case and as we’ve seen over the last 3 years these “unnamed sources” bombshells keep proving to be complete BS.

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Almost half of capital hill may have lost their minds… is deep state seeding misinformation again?