Please help me understand

Ok, Ukraine foreign minister defends Trump phone call at center of latest impeachment clamor. Says no pressure.

What the heck is going on with lamestream media and liberals in congress. Foaming at the mouth?

Is fhis going to blow up in their rear faces? Please help me undetstad what the ■■■■ is going on. I am just the lovable ol bosun who has been a traveler not paying attention to fake news for a while.

I get back and the New York Slimes does a bunch of crazy reporting, libbies and demo hopefuls don’t know what they are talking about and almost half of the congress act like they are nuts.

Who leaked thd ukraine story anyway? Any fact checkers checking the facts or is the deep state playing pin the tail on the dumbest donkey?

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“This is IT, we’ve got’m nowitis”.

Every made up outrage is the one they are sure that will get him impeached and thrown into prison so Hillary can serve out his term.


the Ukraine is in a tough spot. There’s the current president on one hand and a possible future on the other hand. So while the PM is playing the media on the Biden thing, he sends the FM to deal with Trump. He has to play nice on both side for the time being.

And what the ■■■■ is joe biden talking about. I saw that news interview this morning while he was working the politicing line. He appears to be bonkers.

I don’t think the ukraine is a tough spot. I think the left side of the aisle left their brains at the door. Now how did fake news get all the faux whistleblower details?

Another ‘‘fake news’’ dilatant.

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Consider reading the thread that already exists on the subject?


I usually spot faux news when i see it. And, i employ critical thinking. I like the truth, reality, and living in the here and now.

Joe is simply trapped and has no way out on this one.

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I am asking the questions, Bro. Trying to understand what is going on. I would like this thread to be a little different. Actually, i did not see the one you are aluding to. I looked but did not see it on the topic list.

Trump is Putin’s Puppet but somehow he’s also arming their number one regional enemy with lethal aid. Quite the dichotomy ain’t it.

Joe may has stepped on his you know what.

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Their arguements make as much sense on Biden Gaffs. I totally agree with you Wildrose.

Yep, mostly his tongue and boobs.

Here we go again. Yellow journalism

Based on nothing but “unnamed sources”.

What are you babbling about? Journalism has long relied on unnamed sources. Sorta like when, days before the election, Baier’s unnamed sources said Hillary was about to be indicted and that her servers had been hacked. And then he had to walk it back. But the damage was done.

Mr Party Free, my Malinois will not even take a dump on the paper of record you cited. My Malinois is a very smart K-9.

I didn’t cite a paper.

I cited thread discussing the topic you’re asking about.