Please don't use quotation marks for emphasis

Punctuation is important. Those dots and lines have meaning.

Quotation marks are used to mark direct quotes. Not emphasis.

Quotation marks are also used cynically, to enclose phrases in which the truth of them is doubted.

How “great” will that State of the Union be?

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Honestly I think it was just some intern who wanted to make him look stupid.


I’ve said for a long time I think a Russian Troll Farm controls his Twitter.

To make him look stupid.

Mission Accomplished.

It’s always amazing how dumb his tweets are.

I think Russian Troll Farm writes them to make trumpletons look dumb.

So we are allowed to use certain words again? Sweet!!

I enjoy “emphasizing” things with quotes sometimes.

So I “apologize” ahead of time, if it “hurts” anyone’s “feelings”.

Wait, I don’t “apologize”, because I have a Constitutional right Of
Freedom Of Speech to do so.

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Trump can’t spell. No use expecting our president to use correct punctuation.

And there’s a chance people misinterpret what you’re trying to say, therfore.

So I “apologize” ahead of time, if it “hurts” anyone’s “feelings”.

It doesn’t hurt other people’s feelings. It merely makes you look uneducated.

Wait, I don’t “apologize”, because I have a Constitutional right Of
Freedom Of Speech to do so.

You may have the right to appear uneducated, but that’s nothing you should be proud of.


Please reread the OP’s post and tell me where he said you were now allowed to “use certain words again”.

That’s not a rhetorical question, I’d really like to know.

I think your reading comprehension “skills” need work.

(See what I did there? I placed the word “skills” in quotes to designate that yours needs work. Thus emphasizing the point of the OP, on the correct use of quotes.)

misinterpretated or something?

like unsmeducated and stuff?

I’m Proud to be an American! A Smelly Walmart Deplorable Hick!

You’ve heard Trump speak. He doesn’t need anyone to help him look stupid.

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Look at your bad self getting all bent out of shape because you had no idea what I was ACTUALLY talking about.

But since the post stating certain name calling was no longer going to be permitted was deleted I can’t direct you to a “rule” (see what I did there) that apparently had no teeth.

Carry on.

You are of course, entitled to your opinion. It is not the only one. There are still people alive who were educated before word processors.

He obviously wanted to draw attention to “great” as in MAGA.

Petty criticism is all the more so when it is invalid.

I am going to assume you are not a lexicographer.

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Interesting article. Thanks for posting.

Emphasis quotes are a widely used and more or less accepted writing tactic.

Trump is still a mope and has far more egregious grammatical blunders than that if one wants to play grammar police.

In short, who the hell cares?

Like when we discuss how “presidential,” “intelligent,” and “competent” Donald is?

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It is true, I do not write and edit dictionaries for a living.

But it is not just “my opinion”, it is an opinion shared by the Modern Language Association, the Chicago Manual of Style and the American Psychological Assocation Style Guide - along with every editor I’ve interacted with.

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And I have shown you a different opinion. Have a blessed day.

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You are most welcome.

I’m not sure if you are highlighting public figures’ repeated rejections of linguistic norms or if you are hoping for a resurgence in the use of “soi disant”.