Liberal comedian Samantha Bee found herself in hot-water Thursday after calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c***,” with conservatives citing the liberal double standard after Roseanne Barr was abruptly fired for a string of offensive tweets.

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I would like to see Potus hold a live presser with camera’s rolling ask the doj Rod Rosenstein & Sessions why they have not released the full unredacted case to the oversight committee. Unless they have a good answer walk them out of the building for 10 tens removing all phones as evidence, personal and business. Then Trump hand walk all unredacted papers over the the oversight committee. This is only fair to the American people.

I’m no lawyer, but apparently the DOJ has a long-standing practice of not releasing information in ongoing investigations, so as to protect sources, methods and subjects until the investigation is done. Congressional oversight can then take place with the fullest available information. This, of course was not followed by Comey prior to the 2016 election, so perhaps there is some precedent otherwise. Can you refer us to a discussion of the topic by legal scholars who might know, or are you such a scholar? Thank you in advance.

in my dad PMA meant Positive Mental Attitude—now it is protect my asx----I protected CIA hall of fame member Col Paul Lutjens----would have given my life for him----THE ONLY SECRET BEING GUARDED IS HOW LOW THE TOP MEMBERS OF THE CIA/FBI/DOJ HAVE BECOME. President needs to clean house NOW----and go after all those who committed a crime like deleting emails AFTER a judge ordered them???