Planet of the Simians

They’re getting smarter, and better coordinated. It starts with treating their sworn enemies like Arabian gays. Perhaps it won’t be long before they start fashioning weapons of war.


What a crazy story. Those monkeys are pretty dangerous. I am siding with the dogs.


Once they started attacking children, genocide should’ve been the first option.

I would’ve settled for genocide over the dogs too.

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Quick too. Before they outfox the local humans.


Yup. Team Dog

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they remind me too much of people

stands to reason


Munde said the monkeys used to take away puppies, which was their ‘‘habit’’. ''They take care of puppies. They used to keep puppies on roofs or tall trees. The puppies couldn’t survive at such places as they couldn’t get food or water. If a puppy escaped from the two monkeys it used to die after falling from a height. The reported incidents of the death of puppies in Lavool village are 3 to 4,’’ he added.

Read more at: 2 Monkeys caught in Maharashtra in 'revenge killing' of 250 dogs - Oneindia News

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That report makes more sense.

Still siding with the doggies.

When so called pet monkeys attack humans they go for fingers and face. Nasty little bastards.

So I hear.

Holy ■■■■

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