PLAN B: NJ Passes Law that Permits Cory Booker to Run for President AND Senate in 2020

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a new law this month that allows presidential candidates to run for state offices simultaneously; clearing the path for Sen. Cory Booker to run for both his Senate seat and the Oval Office in 2020.

According to, “The governor signed a bill Thursday that won’t force Booker, a fellow Democrat, to choose between a presidential campaign or another run for the Senate. Instead, he’ll be able to run for both at the same time.”

The legislation has been dubbed ‘Cory Booker’s Law.’

“If he runs for president and doesn’t win, it’s likely he’ll have a U.S. Senate seat to fall back on thanks to New Jersey’s Democrat-controlled Legislature and Murphy,” adds the article.

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I am waiting for Murphy and other Democratic Governors to pass a law stating that candidates running for POTUS must release their tax returns in order to be on the ballot in their respective states.

C’mon, New York and California.

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I like it.

Didn’t they do something like this in Kentucky, for Rand Paul?