PITY PARTY: Emmys Ratings TANK as TV’s Biggest Stars Get Political, SLAM Republicans | Sean Hannity

Monday night’s annual Emmy Awards broadcast on NBC took a major ratings nosedive as Hollywood’s biggest stars slammed President Trump, blasted Republicans, and turned the ceremony into a full-fledged political rally.

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TEE HEE, the only time they bathe… Got to look good for the degenerates…

I don’t watch shows where a bunch of whiny millionaires hand little golden trophies to other whiny millionaires.

Seems like a difficult target audience moving forward.

hollywood is liberal pedophile democrat land and that is that. why would i watch divients do anything. degenerates deserve to be locked up forever. cant wait for them to all be locked up. iam sure glad only democrats live in hollywood. so easy to hate pedophiles. no republicans no independents no green party no libertairians just democrat pedophiles from hollywood. shame on all of them. off to prison. no one is going to watch crap. watch roseanne without roseanne die fast. you are terrible people

You snowflakes seem pretty upset about an award show!


I mean think about it people all they have done is obstruct Justice started a Witch Hunt with corrupted Hillary and her DNC backstabbing Democrats buying ■■■■■■■ from the Russians right there is your collusion there’s a list so long that the Democrats have done to ruin the United States, starting with Obama, he’s nothing more than a pimple on the ass of society

I didn’t watch it and I never felt better. I guess they’ll keep putting this on, but who’s watching??

Have no clue, have not watched the Emmies ever or any award show since I was a teen.

You seemed concerned though!

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This looked pretty “Ritzy.”

Probably some three year old baked chicken ( substitute) and sides.

If food was served, FORK the socialist bumbocraps.
Tee Hee…

So…you have evidence that one caused the other?