Pittsburgh shooter blamed Jews for "migrant caravan"


“a man who admitted he was a NAZI collaborator”…oh really? “and said he had no regrets about it”…oh really? “and was even smiling when he admitted it”…oh really?

Anyone now wonder at the RW dog whistle over (((SOROS)))?

You blow a dog whistle long enough, the dogs will come.

LOl. Sure.

Don’t blame them.

When I go read the Soros stuff posted at the White Supremacist boards they’re always lying about the (9-14yo) Jew from Hungary. I’m not surprised their message makes it to the mainstream. Heck, it’s their goal.

I bet we’ve had many of those guys post here over the hears (although I know Lee use to ban them).

Former President of Tree of Life Synagogue speaks for ALL of Pittsburgh in stating Trump is not welcome in all of Pittsburgh.

Libs are really outdoing themselves grasping for straws to blame Trump for this.

You would have some semblance of credibility if you placed the blame on the shooter, but you just have to find anyway possible to blame it on Trump.

That is as ridiculous as blaming it on the Caravan. Maybe we should start a thread blaming the Caravan for the shooting, right? :roll_eyes:


When Trump says Ivanka is coming to visit, is that a dog whistle for “the Jews are coming to visit”?
Sometimes a person who does something is a person who does something.
Soros is a billionaire who supports liberal causes. He gains no exemption for being Jewish, if he even considers himself that.
What group are Democrats attacking when they attack the Koch brothers? Surely they are not just attacking the Koch brothers themselves?

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These “asylum seekers” are doing this to influence policy? :ok_hand:

I am just relaying how this important member, the former President of the Tree of Life, feels, I’m sorry if she upsets you.

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Libs are outdoing themselves.

Before he was the hated man who defeated Hillary, Trump was a recipient of this award. I bet they are beside themselves over the fact that they can’t hide such facts. You can bet they are trying.


The video is right there for anyone to see. I can’t help it if you don’t like what he says or can’t understand it.

The man said he went out and confiscated property from Jews. He said he had no regrets. He compared his role in it to how he plays the market. And he said if he wasn’t doing it then someone else would have been doing it.

And he smiled several times while telling all of this.

Kroftt: Went out and help in the confiscation of property from the Jews?

soros: Yes, that’s right.

Why the edited propaganda video, leaving out the most important part?

”I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the — I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.

As a child bystander being hidden from the holocaust…

Full videos below in the link…


The only thing that is important about her is she is telling you what you want to hear.

What you apparently don’t want to make a connection to or hear is that she doesn’t speak for all of Pittsburgh, nor does she speak for all members of the Synagogue nor for all Jewish people.

I never said any of that…

Well, they are making asses out of themselves and it will backfire on them just like to stunts they pulled at the Kavanaugh hearings.

Then why post it.

Do you agree or disagree with the article you posted.

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Just sharing a perspective, not saying everyone does. And yes I personally think Trump purposefully stimulates conspiracies and vitriol that feeds people like this.

But the implication was clearly there that somehow that this person saying that held some sort of weight or authority.

Yeah. It will backfire. Just like things are backfiring on people like Avanetti who tried to bring Trump down.
The wise lib will wait until the universe is no longer on Trump’s side before trying to bring him down. Right now, Trump is blessed and his opponents are one by one made to eat dirt.