Pittsburgh shooter blamed Jews for "migrant caravan"

They say Soros the same way someone would’ve have said Rothschild before. Fox News had to scrub some guy on Lou Dobbs actually using the term “Soros-occupied State Department.”

Ironically, you’re all about to find out how politically influential the Jewish community really is in American politics.


Dude- show us the video of him admitting he was a Nazi collaborator absconding with people’s property at the age of 9.

I don’t even know what the rest of your post is supposed to be about.

Never mind…I found the “shocking video”.

It wasn’t him that was the collaborator…it was the person who rescued him from going to the camps when he was 14.

But somehow he’s supposed to feel guilty about it.


You guys are making fools of yourselves with the “antisemitism” narrative.


In 2018, The Chairman and Executive Manager Eli Ohana and Owner Eli Tabib have declared they would like to rename Beitar Jerusalem to Beitar Trump Jerusalem the day before the opening of the relocation of the American Embassy to Jerusalem in honor to U.S. President Donald Trump for his close bond with Israel

An Israeli organization said Wednesday it has minted a coin bearing President Donald Trump’s image to honor his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Mikdash Educational Center said the “Temple Coin” features Trump alongside King Cyrus, who 2,500 years ago allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon.

The museum awards every year the Friends of Zion award to those who have stood by the Jewish nation and supported it. The recipients by year:
2018- Donald Trump, President of the USA

Trump has a long history of support for Jews. Even in 1983 receiving the
Tree of Life Award from the Jewish National Fund.

And with respect to these killings in Pittsburgh, even Netanyahu recognizes that Trump is a friend to Jews.

He thanked Trump “for unequivocally condemning this heinous crime and for pledging to fight those who seek to destroy the Jewish people.

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Come on libs… change the meaning of more words. Tell us that they are “dog whistles”.

According to libs,
Nationalist is supposed to be a dog whistle meaning “WHITE nationalist”.

And now globalist is supposed to be a dog whistle meaning “anti-jew”.

But what’s funny is that only libs hear these supposed dog whistles. Hmmm… well they will be howling at the moon on November 7.

Edit: I see that “Soros” is now a dog whistle for “all jews” according to the new unabridged lib lexicon. Maybe the howling has started early.

Let’s look at where students are being indoctrinated with hate against Jews.
What a list of predominately LIBERAL schools!


Libs are hiding their antisemitic views. Well … some are. Some… like Obama …are more open about their friendship with those who call Jews insects and
"Satanic Jews who have infected the whole world with poison and deceit.”

Obama and Farrakahn… buds.

So libs…keep up your fearmongering misinformation about Trump being antisemitic. It will be a reminder to me that we need to publicize the truth about where the real hate comes from.

With credit to @Konssurvative1

It’s a shame the right fringes pushed crap like this, and led a deranged person to their breaking point. And far worse that our President smiled and fed into the cycle of hate that is now getting Fox News shows pulled.

From your link

Dobbs himself has frequently tweeted about conspiracy theories tied to Soros, who is often used as a stand-in to represent all Jewish people.

People who believe the bolded part are completely taken over by the leftist narrative. Completely.

Now libs want people to believe:

Nationalist is a dog whistle for “white nationalist”

Soros is a dog whistle for “all jews”

Globalism is a dog whistle for antisemitism.

These are all lies, believed only by gullible, low information libs.

Libs want to control how and what people think. So they change the meaning of words, hoping that people will believe their lexicon lies.

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The man’s last statement stands on its own, he murdered 11 people because he thought “Jews” were behind an “invasion”. Only one political party is pushing that agenda.

Own it.

This thread would NOT be complete without a deflection to the Clintons or the Obamas. You’ve made it complete. Thank you.

No buddy. Only libs are equating “Soros” with “Jews”. Only libs.

And the agenda I referred to is the “invasion”, not Soros, and only one party calls it that.

Actually…no they’re not.

Are you trying to change the meaning of “no” now? LOL.
Deny it but it is already part of the published leftist narrative.

The man’s last statement stands on its own, he murdered 11 people because he thought “Jews” were behind an “invasion”. Only one political party is pushing that narrative.

Own it.

Did you forget? You just said that. LOL.

Doesn’t make any difference. You won’t get a response from him or any other “Soros was a Nazi collaborator” red hatter, and in a week they’ll be right back to posting it like it was gospel truth.

Where do you think that nutter got the idea that jews were behind the caravan?

He did it because the RW media told him soros - the jew - was funding the caravan.

That’s what happened here.

From those who claim that the word “Soros” is a dog whistle that really means “Jews”