Pittsburgh shooter blamed Jews for "migrant caravan"

soros is not a practicing jew and has clearly stated he is not a religious person.

It’s so weird how they want to put him up on the cross all of the sudden though. A man who admitted he was a nazi collaborator and said he had no regrets about it, and was even smiling as he admitted it, comparing his role in confiscation of property to his business role in the stock markets (with a smile on his face).

That’s their martyr.

that’s what Donald Trump is best at.

the dude just creates chaos and hopes to profit in the aftermath.

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But the crazy fringe conflates the two things- that’s what happened yesterday. Take a look at the Breitbart comments section if you don’t believe it.

MAGA, dude. Trump has only done good for good Americans. LOL.

Your misinformation will brew more hate.

This is some crazy material all around.

The media is pushing sensational to new depths of vile. That is where I would begin to look for an ethical upheaval. The legislators cannot help.

So, just to make it clear, then, Trump never said that Jews were funding the caravan. That was a false statement.
I guess that’s one of the reasons the shooter hated Trump.

Trump did not blame Jews for the caravan. Those who did insinuate that Soros might be behind it were not necessarily blaming Jews. If someone were to say “Ivanka went to the store” that is not the same meaning as “Jews went to the store”.
Soros funds many left wing sources and is often called out just as the Koch brothers are called out by the left for funding some Republicans. He is not exempt because he is Jewish.


How about this then, Doug? Maybe don’t retweet a batspit crazy conspiracy theory from the lunatic fringe? There’s as much evidence that Soros funded the caravan as there is that Sayoc is a Brennan Deep State plant, which is NONE. It doesn’t prevent the White Nationalist Republican wingnut from connecting the Soros/Jew/caravan/kill`em dots in his insane brain, but it doesn’t encourage it, either.

I don’t know that Trump ever mentioned Soros either as far as funding the caravan. Pence did mention that there was evidence funding was coming from the outside and I recall he mentioned the possibility of Venezuela being a source.
Its a little ironic complaining about unproven allegations with all this talk about the Russians and “smoke” over the last two years.

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing with the Soros, globalist, and nationalist dogwhistles. They’re vague enough that he (and you) can deny what they are, but the white supremacists hear them loud and clear. Check the Breitbart comments if you doubt it. I am to afraid to even look at Gab.

It’s been mentioned and linked in this very thread that Trump tweeted Gaetz saying it.

And spare me the ironic comparison between Gaetz’ paranoid ramblings and a federal investigation authorized by a Trump appointee, conducted by a Republican, resulting in multiple felony convictions, the first of which centered on the NSA negotiating with the Russians to lift sanctions before Trump was in office. So, you know, illegally.

Try to keep up, Doug.

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We had at least two posters falsely claiming in this thread that Trump had blamed the caravan on funding by the Jews. What it comes down to is some people like to pretend Trump is Hitler and they are “the Resistance”. Dogwhistle usually means: The person didn’t say it but we’re going to pretend he did anyway.

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No. A nationalist who got caught up in the rhetoric about how dangerous the caravan is that is threatening “to breach” our borders is the reason they are dead.

Hmmmm… You know any other nationalist that have been drumming up fear about the caravan recently Doug?

No , this is what dogwhistle means in the political context:
a type of strategy of communication that sends a message that the general population will take a certain meaning from, but a certain group will take away the secret, intended message. Often involves code words.

rIn politics, to make an innocuous statement which is designed to trigger previously indoctrinated bigotry and hatred without being recognized by outsiders for bigotry or hateful speech.

Nothing wrong with a little nationalism, now is there boys and girls?

No. Dogwhistle usually means coded (non-specific) language that nonetheless is clearly understood by the listener.

Try to keep up, Doug.

Soros isn’t demonized because he’s a “funder of liberal causes” and to play dumb about it is to kinda support it.

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yeah. he’s very good at certain things. that’s one of them.

and the message comes through loud and clear. just like his comments about those in Charlottesville.