Pittsburgh agitators face federal charges

A 20-year-old man from the Pittsburgh area faces federal charges related to instigating violence during protests:
According to the criminal complaint, Bartels said his motive was, in part, “that he considers himself to be far ‘left’ and that he had become fed up with incidents involving police mistreatment of citizens.”

In another incident a 52-year-old Pittsburgh man is accused of leaving a bag of bombs in downtown Pittsburgh according to charges filed by federal prosecutor Scott Brady:

“Once again, we see that certain participants in the protests in Pittsburgh were only present to serve as agitators and to incite violence. Let’s call them what they are: criminals,” Brady said in a statement released Saturday. “They have no intention of peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights; they seek only to incite and destroy. "

It looks like white agitators exist and will face severe consequences. The available evidence from Pittsburgh is consistent with them being local Antifa supporters rather than the alleged vast conspiracy of “white supremacists” that some Democrats claimed early on.



Is Trump right when he said "It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don’t lay the blame on others!”?

Is there any evidence that points to the alleged white supremacists as the agitators?

That’s good. Anybody on either side doing that kind of thing needs some self-critique time.

Bartels is not a man.

Bartels is legally an adult.

My opinion is that it is too early to say what the motives were exactly, especially for Michanowicz. I have found no evidence of motive in any of the public papers.

I suspect that there are multiple actors and multiple motivations. It is entirely possible that a few of the agitators really are white supremacists acting as a false flag, but I suspect that the vast majority are from Antifa or its supporters.

There are plenty of people trying to sow confusion and unrest. Here is one example from a Black woman confronting two white(?) women dressed in black who were spray painting a building with BLM:

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It takes more than that to make a man.

My mommy and daddy never came with me to jail.

Love the video.

Yep. This brat who has never held a real big boy job thinks he can decide how the rest of us live? Maybe when he gets released, he can focus on prison reform?

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There are certainly no shortage of single white males in Antifa. Consider the mugshots from Portland:

Single is probably why they are antifa. The left’s incels?

I think Bartel’s daddy should be punished somehow as well.

I like that gal…she gets it.

I had posted another video where this immigrant who happens to be black going after other BLM as in why they aren’t protesting in Chicago and other cities where blacks are killing other blacks.

Sadly YouTube felt it was too controversial.

According to Susan Rice, they may all be Russian operatives:

. . .we have extremists, who have come to try to hijack those protests and turn them into something very different. I would bet based on my experience, I’m not reading the intelligence these days, but based on my experience, this is right out of the Russian playbook as well.

My experience that we find what we are looking for on some level.

I lived through the beltway sniper killings and the authorities kept looking for two white guys in a van based on input from profiling experts. It turned out the real killers were two black guys in an old sedan who had driven through multiple police checkpoints without raising suspicions.


Here are more federal charges involving two men from Erie, Pennsylvania:

and who says the rioters were “leftists?”

Bartels, the 20-year-old, says he is a leftist according the criminal complaint.

They better not lie to the FBI…

According the logic of the judge in the Flynn case, Bartels should be found guilty of perjury or contempt of court if he pleads guilty and then is later exonerated.

That can get you coming and going.

i know i was being sarcastic.

Here is a report from Harrisburg of protestors using pepper spray to instigate violence against police:

. . . officials are reviewing body camera footage and determined some of the pepper spray wasn’t used by officers. “A portion of that pepper spray was not deployed by police but in fact deployed by one of the protesters, possibly by two of the protesters. We have images of those protesters and those are being circulated," he said.

Police are still looking for an instigator with an Antifa flag that he used to damage a police car:

National media are still claiming “no sign of Antifa envolvement”:

My observation is that many in the media were more than happy to run with the highly suspect reports from the Jussie Smollett hoax about “white guys in MAGA hats”, but they are downplaying good evidence of Antifa violence.

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I stand…with that young lady.

I have often thought, when a person is too young to be held responsible for their actions, then the adults responsible for the child should be.

Yes, I certainly agree with her confronting the spray painters.