Pipe bombs suspect arrested

This is going to be one hell of crazy day.

A suspect has been arrested in Florida in the investigation into suspicious packages that were sent to prominent critics of President Donald Trump, according to reports by CNN.

The identity of the suspect and the person’s role remain unclear.

Libs are going to freak out when it turns out to be one of their own.

David Hoggs is from Florida… coincidence?


Police towing away a van in Plantation FL. Local news reports that the van is covered with pictures of Trump and the presidential seal.


Here are some stills…do I spy Trump on the window?


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Of course the crazy man had to be from Florida.


Wonder if Trump is second guessing that tweet about now?

Looks staged.

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He’s never wrong and never apologizes for anything, so I would say no.

Obviously more proof it’s a false flag op. I mean, who else would cover their vehical with Trump swag but a lib dem.

Close up of the van.



Honestly. I’m still gonna hold out judgment on this until they identify the man and put out a motive. Cause in a world where Trump is the President, anything can happen. So who the ■■■■ knows what is going on.

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What tweet?

It was a Russian false flag operation to make it look like a lib made it look like a trump supporter


That van looks brand new with fresh stickers (devils advocate)

What do they put in water in Florida?

I will go out on a limb and assume a van covered in stickers like this, is not a big deal in Florida.

Holy **** this dude was full on Q Anon MAGA madman.

I’m preeeeeeety sure that a lot of MAGAites are going to be stuffing their mouths with crow.

Oh who am I kidding they have no shame.