Pimp Wins Republican Primary in Nevada

Wow… Now they have a pimp and a white supremacist running for government

Lol - I saw this earlier.

Dang - I somehow messed up the link I think.

This new board is driving me nuts…

When the existing politicians and the candidates put forth are so lousy and the agendas that have dominated the political landscape for decades now run so contrary to the will of mainstream America, what a shame that anybody is better than the status quo. Hey…both sides of the aisle…take a good look at what’s considered better than you.

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lolol so the party of “morals” and “personal responsibility” accepts pimps and white supremacist now?

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Isn’t it a shame that Maxine Waters makes even them…look good?

your idiotic deflection is duly noted

It’s diversity?

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Party of morals is a farce. They only claim that label just to pimp out Christians for our vote. They used pastors and the Word to tell Christians their going to hell if they vote for someone who support abortion and/or gay marriage. However, adultery, fornication, porn, lying, stealing, cheating hell even given big ups to atheist dictators is a permissible.
God’s party???
They don’t give a crap about morals, only votes and power.


Ahhhhhhhh……now let’s resort to name calling. You just made my case. Middle America is unhappy that so many like yourself do not understand their opinion. Keep it up…November is almost here my friend.

Middle America has no morals?

Yeah…they’re deplorable.

I abhor Maxine Waters. But you cannot be serious with this comment, can you? She is worse than White Supremacists in your opinion? Seriously?

lololol i called your deflection idiotic so that = me calling you a name… lol oh my

I won’t even go to a church where politics is discussed from the pulpit (or any other official platform) any more. Much of the church lost all credibility in politics with me when they backed Trump.


No. He whupped you.

please highlight where i got “whupped” … also do you think Mrs. Waters is worse than a white supremacist?

I’m dead serious about how low our career politicians are perceived that it makes others who’d never be considered…a possibility. That doesn’t mean I approve.

Some, yes. But you said middle America is unhappy. They seem to be nominating people that don’t necessarily fit with what I would consider “middle American values”. So do you think middle American is losing a grip on their morals?

If that is who Republicans in that district want to represent them it’s fine by me.