Phrases I wish would go away

Closure - Sick of the word.
At the end of the day - Ditto
Reach out - The all time worst

A doctor’s office called me about two weeks ago.

“Hello, this is Dr. Ebbets’ office. I’m reaching out to you to confirm your appointment tomorrow at 10 AM.”

“Do you mean you’re calling me to see if I will confirm the appointment?”


“I’ll be there.” “Do I need to bring a referral?”

“I’ll find out then reach out to you in a few minutes and let you know.”

“Do you mean you will call me and let me know?” “You must have a long arm with all that reaching.”

She was irritated when she hung up, which is exactly what I wanted. I wonder if she’s still reaching.

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Have a good one.

Is it really too much to say… Have a nice day?

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Yes, yes it is.

Closure was going to be my first choice…:+1::+1::+1:

Too impersonal in a business situation and too lazy in any other situation.

Have a good one.


“i Am SiCk AnD tIrEd Of”

It is what it is.

I’m going to pay with cash money.

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Ok boomers.

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I like these.

I had to get a signature from a physician who wasn’t that close in proximity to my home (referal from one of our health benefits).

After more than one attempt, including the drive, for the simple act of signing paperwork, to get my request for intermittent leave of absence denied because the physician couldn’t even tell her office staff she wouldn’t sign it, I was told by leave services rep “You could try reaching out to the physician…”

What exactly fo you think I’ve been doing? Seeming I was the equivalent of nagging an irresponsible teen for a simple signature, and her treatment wasn’t even working, I got someone else.

But yeah, I won’t miss those three expressions, or, “No offense” before a statement.

Yeah, this is the number one seed. I hate this phrase.

Deep state :smirk:

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I don’t recall using it at all until I used it in a post today. I feel that in the context of the post it was appropriate.

I presume you don’t like PIN number either.

Just saying

No offense, but…

Ok boomer

Same difference.

get lost

Make America great again.


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