Phony political fundraising schemes

Trump is a victim of this, but actually I think we are all.

Not a day goes by that my dad doesn’t get some piece of mail from some “official sounding” coalition asking for money to stop immigration, stop Democrat coups, etc. etc. They are clearly all phony, but he gives them money.

No, he doesn’t donate to their cause, but he gives them $10 to “help defray expenses” of processing the poll he sends back - crap like that.

Nope, I’m not a victim of this. These grifters know how to choose their marks.


I’m sure Democrat politicians are a victim of this same piggybacking.

It should be illegal regardless of which part/politician is being victimized

No, it’s Trump supporters being targeted. Sorry.

No it shouldn’t be illegal, it’s capitalism.

People shouldn’t be so gullible.

If they are, so what?

  1. If it’s capitalism, these grifters aren’t going to stop with Trump. There’s other politicians and Democratic platforms that they can glom on to to fleece the unwary.

  2. I disagree.

  3. Easy for you to say. But from what does gullibility come? Young people who don’t know the evil in the world, and old people who are starting to go senile and therefore their ability to discern scams has disappeared. $10 here, $10 there for political causes…what if some of them decide to give $10,000 or more? To every entity that contacts them.

Should they be robbed of their life savings because it’s their own fault they’ve gone senile?

In fact, OT for this particular thread, but I gotta tell you, from personal experience, if you’ve got parents in their 80s you better make damn sure their money is safe because they’re going to be scammed every which way from Sunday. If you expect an inheritance from them, or to not to have to pay out of your own pocket for them to be in a nursing home, you better secure their money for them now.

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Fraud is not capitalism and unfortunately these fundraising scams hit all parties and all groups.


How fitting.

My dad gets the same sort of “panic-stricken” emails from Republician fundraisers that that article says gets sent to Democrats. He received them under Obama and now he’s getting them under Trump.

These bloodsuckers (probably the same bloodsuckers, just crafting their message for either Democrats or Republicans) will try to raise any kind of panic to get the gullible to send them money - and they succeed.

Hopefully they will all go to jail and not just get slaps on wrists, nor get pardoned by a governor leaving office.

Go to jail for what?

People not reading the fine print?