Philadelphia Union players wear the names of Black people killed by police on their jerseys

So some sports teams and sports are actually to do more potical pandering and virtue signaling? even as far by adding the name of (Anton) Sterling? who clearly had a quite lengthy criminal record and was a sex offender? treating him as a ionic for social justice?

I am sorry but i disagree with this move that sports are doing this. If some had a criminal record why are they being treated as heroes?

I guess the only person i would understand to be on is (Tamir) Rice. But adults like Sterling who had a criminal record?

# Philadelphia Union players wear the names of Black people killed by police on their jerseys

So if you have a criminal record, that makes it okay to be killed by the police?

I hope not! lol

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Exactly. Lotta white folks forget they have yellow sheets themselves.


Not me. I’ll never forget what I don’t ever want to be again, especially after all that climbing back up the social ladder. That ■■■■ hurt. :rofl:


I have much the same view, even though I don’t have a rap sheet, but me not having a rap sheet with my background is the statistical equivalent of hitting the lottery lol.


Yeah this is where I tend to break ranks with friends of mine. When is it ok to not give a damn about someone unjustly killed by police? I get the entire thing about not propping up scumbags. I get that. But is that what they’re doing? Or are they just pointing out he was one of the victims?

Same old mentality.

“If you aren’t doing anything wrong then there’s no reason to fear the police.”
“If you got assaulted/killed by the police, you undoubtedly did something to deserve it.”
“Don’t do anything wrong, don’t resist and you’ll be fine.”

How many times has (Anton) Sterling being arrested and released only to be committing a criminal record? i am just stunned by the amount of the criminal record that Sterling twice he was arrested as a sex offender and twice he fled the police among other charges?

Why couldn’t the court system just lock up Sterling because of his sex offender charge? i am still in in surprise how the courts allowed him to walk freely by having a sex offender charge.

And no i am not justifying the killings.

As a general rule, cops aren’t interacting with moral paragons. To say if they have a rap sheet they’re somehow less worthy of not being unjustly killed is bananas.

NFL revenues will go up cuz fans appreciate the righteous behavior of players. :sunglasses:

Diminishing, yeah, you are.

The Constitution wasn’t written for model citizens, they don’t need it.