Phil Heimlich, Democrat

“I’m scared — scared of losing our rights to free speech, fair elections and the rule of law,” Heimlich writes. “You see, we’re witnessing a dangerous trend in which dictators come to power in once-promising democracies and crush dissent.”

Heimlich says President Trump lacks respect for democratic values, and pointed out how Trump admires people like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin, two leaders who have cracked down on independent media in their respective countries. "

Hard to believe. Heimlich, A RINO, who knew?


Poor fellow. He’s gonna get run over by the bus.

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Prepare for the character assassination.

deep state liberal coming in 3…2…1…

Unless he chokes first.

Okay, crappy jokes aside, and back on topic, this guy’s rhetoric is bit much. Trump’s a turd, to be sure, but he’s a mildly retarded one. Does anyone think he’s capable of accomplishing any of this stuff this guy’s worrying about?

Anymore, I see the same crap I saw about Obama, in that he’s an evil genius that’s going to transform America, but he’s the dumbest clown the Oval Office has ever seen.

Just like with Obama, it can’t be both.

Trump is far from an evil genius. But hehas surround himself with incompetence and criminality.

Not sure why you used the word but. And seems so much more fitting. I think the right to free speech, fair elections and the rule of law are safe from Donald and his clown posse.

Meh. You choose your conjunctions and i’ll choose mine. We are NOT safe from the clown posse.

Okay. How do suppose Donny will be successful in denying people the right to free speech. I don’t want examples or suppositions of attempt to suppress it, how’s he going to succeed at it?

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He has that twitter account that everyone is scared of.

All of the R(s) in congress, that are not retiring, are terrified to challenge anything.

If you cross him, he will mobilize his army of followers to tweet you to death.

Hows that book “Everyone I don’t like is Hitler” selling? Pretty good, I’d say.

One of the better descriptors of Donald I’ve seen.

It’s less about what Donald’s capable of, since that’s usually limited to whatever appeals to his ego. It’s more about how Donald (and the support one-third of the voting population gives him) could be exploited by those who are not mildly retarded.

Ah yes, Emperor Palpatine one day, Jar Jar Binks the next.

I’m far more concerned about his supporters than anything else.

I bet he and libs agree on everything that matters. The differences are likely with stuff we don’t even think is important enough to discuss.

you can take him into the Democrat coven.

What do you and he even disagree on? Nothing that matters much I bet.

Okay, but in context to Mr. Heimlich’s comments, they’re irrelevant. They’re powerless to undermine the facets of democracy Phil worries about. Any assault on those things would have to come from Donny and/or his staff. And they are clearly not up to the task.

I agree with your earlier post wholeheartedly. The President is thankfully powerless to truly affect democracy or to alter it any worse than the voters have managed to do what with the 95 percent incumbency rates. BUT the President as a symptom should be ignored. He is a symptom of a problem that may have effects on our processes.