Pfizer vaccine is 90% effective

early results show the pfizers vaccine is 90% effective against covid. more testing needs to be done but this is huge news.
they hope to have more data by the end of teh month
This news send stock soaring with the dow futures up 1400 points pre open


Yeah Biden!

This pandemic has been devastating. Any good news is welcome.

That’s some good news to hear!

Hope it can be released soon.

This is good news.

Thank you Joe Biden for making America Great Again!


Hopefully this will get the trump flu under control and get america back open again…

Thank you president biden!

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Good news! This happened under trump’s watch, so good for him.


Appreciate that. I think he did cut some serious red tape.

It would be a fine way to end his Presidency on a high note.

But Dr. Jansen sought to distance the Pfizer from Operation Warp Speed and presidential politics, noting that the company — unlike the other vaccine front-runners — did not take any federal money to help pay for research and development.


No, but to be fair trump did encourage dumping a bunch of money into the vaccine. I feel dirty defending him, but I try to be consistent. That being said, at the same time he totally â– â– â– â– â– â–  up the rest of the response and even encouraged the spread of the disease.

But will it be mandatory?

There, there, there…now ya feeeeel better…amirite? :sunglasses:

While I agree with the fact that it is good news.

I don’t know how I feel about companies releasing these types of early results directly for two reasons:

(a) It can create a false sense of hope, if a problem comes up that halts or slows further development/testing that can be bad.

(b) Secondly, it can be viewed as a means of stock manipulation.

I think it should be released after a review process and not a company press release.


It shouldn’t be mandated by the government but what’s to stop business employees and students from being required to take the vaccine?

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I would take it.

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Anyone who is at risk from the China Virus should definitely choose to take the vaccine.


Well i’m type 2 diabetic so i would be at risk.

If i was a young person with no side issues then probably not.


I took all five anthrax shots plus one booster while I was at risk for being exposed to it. Same with malaria drugs before the military banned mefloquine (I’m allergic to tetracycline derivatives).


Yeah… when they are releasing results via press release and not peer review… that opens them up for some bad results as the trial progresses.

I hope that they are correct… but it might be a little to early to start celebrating.